trane air conditioner reviewsTrane air conditioners have been regarded as some of the best units manufactured in recent years. Their quality, reliability and consistency place them on the top shelf of most consumers and air conditioning experts. And when you look at most Trane air conditioner reviews written, you’ll quickly discover that based on these important consumer qualities, many Trane units have quickly become the most popular selling items in 2013.

There is no doubting that Trane air conditioners are industry leaders – but what might shock many people is how energy efficient these models operate. Trane AC units provide premium comfort and efficiency. And regardless of the size or shape of your home or business, these units provide your family or work environment with clean, cool and comfortable air conditioning.

Every Trane AC unit is Energy Star® rated – ensuring that they are engineered to operate under peak efficiency. This unique feature saves money on monthly energy bills and also promotes comfortable living during summer. Here are some of the best sellers that Trane has to offer this year.

Air Conditioner Reviews on the Trane XR16

In 2013, one of the most popular selling units in Arizona has been the Trane XR16. This is due to the fact that this unit is designed for maximum efficiency when space is a hurdle you need to overcome. For people who live in townhomes or condos, or for the vast majority of apartment complexes in the Valley of the Sun, the The Trane XR16 is manufactured with a two-stage cooling system that will ensure your home maintains a level temperature year-long. It is extremely durable as well, having the strength and professional material construction to withstand the most intense heat and cold weather.

Another positive attribute is that the Trane XR16 is a multi-purpose HVAC unit, meaning that it will deliver heating capability during winter when the temperatures drop. This saves space, energy and money – and a primary reason why this model is one of the best sellers in 2013.

A Review of the the Trane XL20i

Another unit that is selling in large quantities in 2013 is the Trane XL20i. One of the biggest issues that Arizona residents have with their AC units is reliability and their ability to withstand the extreme heat and weather shifts that come with desert living. The Trane XL20i is designed to hold-up and withstand the extreme weather conditions. It’s also an Energy Star® rated item, ensuring that it will save you money each month by reducing the energy consumption.

The Trane XL20i has several consumer benefits including:

  • The Trane XL20i produces up to 20.00 SEER
  • This item is also hard wired to communicate directly with smart phone technology – making it completely remote capable.
  • Comes with Dual Climatuff® compressors

When you read most Trane air conditioner reviews, you’ll notice that these two are among the highest reviewed. The simple answer as to why this is a reality – they are truly an amazing value. Both units deliver exceptional quality, operate under great efficiency and have a proven record to deliver the best bang for your buck.

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