Spring Cleaning check listAs winter comes to a close, many people living in the Valley of the Sun are excited to say that it is officially spring. With all of the excitement and activity this time of year in Scottsdale we didn’t want you to forget to plan your spring cleaning maintenance around the house. Although the concept of it might be as fun as having teeth pulled or filing taxes each year, the truth is that spring cleaning is vitally important; not only for your home, but also your health.

As such, here are a few important spring cleaning tips for Scottsdale residents to ensure your house and your health are in tip-top shape for the upcoming spring and summer months.

Spring Time Preparation

Have your HVAC System Inspected and Cleaned. Dirty air filters in your air ducts and in your home will circulate dust, debris and contaminants into the air you breathe; which causes your furniture and your entire house to have another layer of dust added to it. However, the worst thing about dirty air being circulated in spring is that it will impact your health.

This is why the first thing you should do – prior to dusting, sweeping or vacuuming your home in spring time is to ensure your air filtration system is cleaned and ready to go with clean air filters. This will also reduce your energy bill as your Air Conditioning and Heating units will function smoother and more efficiently.

Plan Your Spring Planting.  Another important part of spring cleaning is the excitement which comes with gardening in Scottsdale. And one of the best things you can do to prepare your garden for spring and summer is to create a good schedule for planting your flowers, bulbs, vegetables and other important garden elements. One of the best methods of doing this is by revisiting what you did last spring including:

  • What did you plant? If you want to create the same ‘look’ in your garden, make sure you take the steps to ensure the plants, flowers and other gardening materials can be purchased this year. Sometimes certain bulbs and annuals are sold in different years, so make sure to plan your garden.
  • When did you plant? Another important step is planning when to plant your garden. Although nobody can predict the weather or if a frost will come, it is important to learn from previous years. If you are planting your first garden in a new home, check with your neighbors or with local gardening stores to see when they recommend planting.

Get your Pool in Shape

If you’ve got a swimming pool, preparing it for summer usage is smart to begin in spring time. This includes making sure your chemicals are properly up to date, that your pool filtration system is cleaned and inspected and that your pool maintains a good PH balance – before the weather gets warm.

When you are planning your spring time activities in Scottsdale, be proactive and follow these spring cleaning tips;  air conditioner service along with the pool maintenance and gardening you’ll be better prepared to enjoy the comforts of summer living in Arizona sooner than you’d think.

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