Quality air is a mustOne of the more common questions asked of Arizona residents; is whether or not they need to have their AC Service inspected on an annual basis. And although today’s AC Units are built better than ever, the truth remains that they are mechanical devices; and like any other mechanical device, they require regular check ups or service. Here are a few reasons that any air conditioning unit; whether it is brand new or a few years old, should be inspected on an annual basis when living in Scottsdale.

Top Reasons HVAC Units are Less Efficient when NOT Serviced

AC Units loose efficiency when not inspected and serviced

According to the US Department of Energy, Air conditioning units tend to lose between 5-10% of their efficiency each year they are not serviced and inspected. This equates to an increase each month of energy bills when the unit does not operate to peak standards. One of the reasons for this is like any other mechanical device an AC unit has moving parts which need to be maintained. And if they are not serviced, the units slow down and become less efficient.

When AC service is not completed, it impacts your overall home comfort

Even though Scottsdale and the entire Southwestern United States tends to be a dry environment, the truth is that when your AC service is not completed on an annual basis, your AC unit becomes less efficient in filtering out humid air. The result is that the inside of your home will feel more humid – and thus create an uncomfortable condition in your home. Two things that don’t go together are heat and humidity. So make sure you have your AC Service completed every year to prevent this condition from occurring.

AC Service replenishes important materials used in the air conditioning process

Contrary to popular belief; air conditioning units do require some materials to help cool air entering a home. Some of these materials include Freon – especially for older AC units. And when your ac unit needs an ample supply of Freon to cool air entering your home, but doesn’t have a good supply; the result is less than cooler air entering your home. It is also important that AC units have their coils cleaned on an annual basis in order to convert hot gas back into liquid and keep the unit functioning properly.

Dirty AC Unit filters increase your chance of developing breathing conditions

Nobody likes to breathe dirty air – right? Unfortunately, when the AC service in Scottsdale is not completed on an annual basis and filters are not replaced, the end result is that dirt and dust is spread through the air you breathe. By simply changing air filters and having your AC Service completed every year, this potential health hazard can be significantly decreased.

It is vitally important to have your AC service in Scottsdale completed every year for many reasons. However, the biggest reason is for safety. AC units are mechanical and electrical units, and sometimes can develop problems which can lead to potentially dangerous conditions. Make sure you have a professional air conditioner repair in Scottsdale Az inspect your AC unit at least once a year to ensure you and your family are well protected and will be comfortable all summer long.

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