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With more people in the market to improve their current homes as opposed to buying new, several home owners in the Phoenix metro area are looking for home addition tips to increase their space and add new features to their homes. The problem is however, that sometimes the home addition doesn’t quite yield the results many people search for either due to poor craftsmanship or simply forgetting a few important steps. As such, there are several home addition tips that should be followed to ensure that your new addition is not only functional, but truly matches the comfortable style of every other room in your home.

When you are considering adding a new home addition, such as extra bed rooms, finish your basement or build an additional room for entertaining guest, one of the most important features is that the room be functional – yet affordable to build. Here are a few other important steps you need to consider to ensure your home addition is well built and ends up functional as you’ve imagined it to become.

Tips to Add Value to Your Scottsdale Home Addition

  • Match Your Home’s Original Design with Any Home Addition

One of the common mistakes made by home owners when looking for home addition tips for their remodel is they tend to think an add-on should be unique and look different than the entire home. However, this could cost you a lot of money – and potentially get you in hot water with local community groups such as Home owners associations.

Several neighborhoods have covenants that require homes to maintain a certain consistent look – including the home renovations. It is for this reason that when planning your upgrades, make sure to the new space matches your overall home design. You should also make sure that if you’re doing a complete remodel, you’re your planned exterior changes fit within your HOA rules.

  • Make Sure Your Home Addition is Functional – And Has the Same Comfort as other Rooms

Another common mistake make when adding a new addition to your home is that the builder or planner will forget about function of the room in regards to comfort level. This usually is due to the planner of the home remodel forgetting about installing HVAC systems to connect to the new room. As a result, many added rooms are cold in the winter and extremely hot in summer; especially in Arizona.

It is very important in the renovation planning stages to ensure to add the HVAC system to the new addition. Have an established company help you with the planning of any remodel project. This accomplishes many other benefits including:

1)      Improving home resale value. When your home is well circulated with warm and cool air, your home becomes more livable and also is more adapt to higher resale potential.

2)      This will ensure to keep your energy bill actually lower. When your house is properly ‘plumbed’ with the right HVAC heating and cooling duct work, you’re HVAC systems will operate more efficiently. As a result, this will reduce your energy bill as opposed to raising it when a room is colder than others – which will affect the overall home temperature and make your HVAC system work harder.

Simply put, when you’re in the market to make some improvements to your home and are looking for smart home addition tips, a great plan is to consider the pitfalls of forgetting to complete a few important steps. Take time during the planning process to speak with experts in electrical, plumbing and the HVAC experts at Scottsdale Air. In the end, you’ll save money by planning ahead.


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