Scottsdale AC ServiceOne of the most important home repair services that a Scottsdale home should complete annually is air conditioning service or maintenance. However, most intelligent home owners often question what specifically the professional Scottsdale AC service company will be completing during this maintenance call – and why it’s so important in the first place. Well – here are some facts about the individual services that are included in most Scottsdale air conditioning maintenance or service calls that are completed on an annual basis.

Fact #1 – All Filters Will Be Replaced by Scottsdale Air Conditioning Companies

The HVAC system that keeps your home cool in the summertime is basically a mechanical system that needs to breathe easy in order to function properly. The primary element that helps these units operate efficiently is the indoor and outdoor filters that keep the inside of your cooling system as clean as possible. Indoor filters are often found inside the home – either in the ceiling or inside vents that are visible. This is the first line of defense for air conditioning systems and the filters that become dirty very quickly.

It’s recommended that every home owner replaces their indoor filters once per month – as these filters also help to keep your heating systems clean as well. However, this will always be a part of any professional service call – as the Scottsdale AC repair company will want to make sure your system is set up for efficiency during those hot summer months.

Facts #2 – All Lubricants Will Be Topped Off

It’s also important for the lubricants of your cooling system to be topped off or changed during a routine maintenance call. As we indicated above, your cooling unit is simply a mechanical device that requires proper lubrication in order to run smooth and efficiently. However, what’s not commonly known is that many lubricants inside HVAC units can become dirty or lose some lubricity over a period of time. This is why professional HVAC contractors ill always inspect, replace or top off lubricants that are designed to keep your HVAC’s moving parts running cool.

Fact #3 – Belts and Hoses Will Be Inspected, Tightened or Replaced

A fact of life is that belts and hoses on all mechanical systems eventually will fail. This is why several professional HVAC Service Companies in Scottsdale will take time to inspect and replace any worn out belts or hoses – before they break down in the 100 degree summer heat. Belts and hose fittings also tend to become loose over a period of time, which is why the Scottsdale AC service professional will adjust them for tightness and proper application during their service call.

There are several other small steps that are completed during a routine Scottsdale AC repair service appointment. It is advised to always keep these facts in mind when looking to get your AC unit serviced.


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