indoor air pollution in scottsdaleIt’s officially summer and we’re all feeling and dealing with the intense heat. With that, you may find yourself indoors for the majority of the day, which in most cases is good and helps you to stay cool. However, after a while you may start to feel like you need to get outside for some fresh air, even if it is hot outside. The reality is, that the air outside is often times more healthy than the air inside, if you’re not taking important steps to keep your indoor air clean. It is important to consider ways to reduce indoor air pollution in your Scottsdale home.

There are a few things that every home owner can easily do to keep their house smelling fresh and clean and also significantly reduce indoor air pollution and improve everybody’s ability to breathe.

Tip #1 – Replace your HVAC system Filters Before Turning The AC Unit On

One of the most common things that Arizona home owners will do once the hot weather begins to arrive in Spring is click on that AC system. However, this is also a primary cause of spring related allergies and other respiratory medical condition flair ups. The solution to this problem and a very easy way to reduce indoor pollution is to simply replace the HVAC indoor filters before turning the AC system on for the first time.

During the winter months, indoor air filters tend to collect tons of dirt, debris, and other particulate matter that often triggers allergies and other respiratory conditions. And if left unchecked and not replaced, once you flip the AC switch on and crank the cooling system to ‘full-blast’ all of that dirty air will now be circulating through your home – and into your lungs. Take a proactive step to improving indoor air quality by simply replacing your indoor air filters every month to reduce this from occurring.

Tip #2 – Dust Frequently – with the Right Equipment

It’s also common for home owners in Scottsdale to activate extreme dusting during their spring cleaning cycle. And although this is a great way to get rid of dust that has embedded itself onto your coffee tables and electronic devices, it’s also a great way to circulate this ‘stuff’ into the air you breathe daily. Here is a simple solution – dust frequently; but make sure to use the right tools for the job.

Microfiber towels are great for dusting – as they reduce the amount of dust that is kicked into the air. Make sure to dust one room at a time, then take microfiber towels outside and shake them off. It’s also a great idea to dust your indoor air vents. Again, there are very inexpensive microfiber-type dust mops with extension polls that allow you to reach even the highest vents. Make sure to complete this step before turning on the cooling system.

Tip #3 – Consider Adding Indoor Air Quality Products

Dusting and replacing indoor air filters frequently are honestly the best way to reduce indoor air pollution in Scottsdale. However, many companies like Trane are manufacturing outstanding indoor air quality solutions that are designed to work around the clock improving your indoor air quality. Contact your local home air conditioning company in Scottsdale and ask them about indoor air quality products perfect for your home.

Regardless of what type of home you have, or how many people live inside the house, the best tool for reducing indoor air pollution in Scottsdale is a proactive thinking home owner. Take time to consider the fact that we spend more time inside our homes than anywhere else. By taking a few minutes to be proactive about indoor air quality, you can vastly improve everybody’s right to breathe.


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