lennox vs carrier ac unitsOne of the most difficult decisions a home owner can make is choosing between two, equally qualified brands as a replacement major appliance. And when it comes down to buying new air conditioning units, the biggest battle is often choosing between Lennox vs Carrier AC Units. The question that many home owners ask us is – which one is better?

The answer to this question is rather simple – the best unit is the one best suited for your individual needs. Let’s break down the qualities of each brand so you can determine whether a Lennox or Carrier AC unit is best suited for your individual needs.

Selection & Value – Lennox vs. Carrier

When you look deeply into both cooling systems, the truth is they offer great selections. Carrier is known for their Infinity® series while the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection is the trademark of the Lennox Brand. Both brands offer heat pumps, and central air conditioning systems that are very common in Scottsdale homes. Both systems have similar SEER ratings in each category. However, where Lennox gets a slight nod for customer selection is in their value series made for smaller home and townhomes.

Their SEER energy efficiency ratings are slightly better in the entry level products of Lennox®. However, if you own a single-family home, both units offer customers a good value.

Technology – Lennox vs. Carrier

On the surface both brands seem to be equal in regards to the technology integrated into their top of the line and mid-range cooling systems. However, the recent addition of the Lennox Ultra Comfort System™ is what vaults this brand ahead of Carrier.

The Ultra Comfort System is a revolutionary new central air conditioner that is designed to efficiently keep your home at a precise temperature around the clock. The end result is similar to a heat pump, in that the system is designed to keep the home at a precise temperature. However, the precision controls of the Ultra Comfort System allow that static temperature setting to be fine-tuned.

In regards to technology, Lennox gets the nod.

Year Round Solutions – Lennox vs. Carrier

Many home owners in Arizona have all purpose HVAC units that include both heating and cooling systems. In this area, both manufacturers are pretty equal. However, the important thing to consider is that keeping these units serviced is the biggest way to ensure energy efficient operation of both systems. Lennox authorized dealers are specially trained by Lennox to offer superior service and maintenance on all Lennox units.

When you break it down in simple terms, the debate about Lennox vs Carrier AC units is a slight advantage to Lennox – based on their new Ultra Comfort Series. They both are outstanding brands to consider. The key is to work with a Lennox authorized dealer on the sale, install, and servicing of your new cooling unit. Contact your local Lennox authorized dealer in Scottsdale to ask them which system is best for your individual application.


Deciding on a new Lennox AC unit for your home? Let the Lennox dealers at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling take all of the guesswork out of the process. Call 480-359-7141 today!

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