Making your home greenThe green revolution in regards to finding more environmentally friendly ways of making a home green has come full circle in recent years in the Paradise Valley area. With increasing costs of raw energy materials, most home owners in the Paradise Valley area have seen dramatic increases in energy bills even though they’ve done a good job at trying to conserve energy usage around their homes. So if this is the case, how can you make sure that your energy bill decreases each year instead of rising?

The solution to the ever-present issue of keeping your Paradise Valley home green is easier than you’d think. Simply by following a few of the steps below, you can find effective measures to reduce your energy usage and still accomplish daily living tasks with quality in mind.

Easy Methods to Help Reduce Energy Costs

Step # 1 – Focus efforts on cooking with smaller appliances more frequently

A great way to save money on energy usage and thus keep your home green as possible is to use smaller appliances for more cooking options. Items like toaster ovens, electric skillets and crock pots consume very little energy and can in fact save you tons of money in monthly electrical usage.

Another great way to save electricity is to use your microwave for cooking more frequently as well. Today’s Energy Star rated microwaves found in most homes in Paradise Valley are designed to use as little energy as possible. Microwave ovens also significantly reduce your overall cooking time, which means less time in the kitchen or less time needing to keep kitchen lighting on as well.

Step #2 – Replace filters as often as recommended

The best way to keep air circulating around your house efficiently is to make sure to reduce potential air-flow issues. This is accomplished best by making sure to replace air filters in your home HVAC system, from ductwork to vents on a frequent and regular basis. When you have a clean air system, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a certain temperature. And this can save you a lot of money and keep your Paradise Valley home green.

The filter replacement does not stop with HVAC units though. Make sure your kitchen vent hoods, vacuum cleaners, and any other appliance that uses some sort of filtration is cleaned. This keeps these appliances running smooth and energy free as well.

Step #3 – Replace any broken or old heating or air conditioning units with Energy Star rated products

If you’re old HVAC system is running poorly, it might be time to install a new unit. But whatever you do, make sure it’s an Energy Star rated unit. One of the best products available to home owners is Heating and Air conditioning units built by Trane. They have been recognized as having the best rating for energy usage, which keeps your Paradise Valley home green and saves money on electrical bills each month. Plus, Trane units are specifically designed to provide the best heating and cooling performance for the best value on the market. They are extremely energy efficient and highly reliable units and cost much less than you’d think. EnergyStar has great resources for information on when to replace your old HVAC system.

If you’re looking to find ways of making your home green, following these three easy steps will have you on your way to accomplishing this mission. You will have a Paradise Valley home that is healthy for the environment and has less expensive energy costs. To learn more about 2013 tax credits to reduce the overall cost of being more ‘green’ or if you need to replace your dated HVAC system contact Scottsdale Air to set up an appointment today! Our level of customer service is unmatched!

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