common summertime air conditioner problems in arcadiaRaise your hand if you’ve ever had the displeasure of calling the AC repair company in Arcadia on a 100+ degree day. Let’s face it, this is never a pleasant experience – even for the hard working technicians that service the unit outside in the intense heat. However, the reality is that several of the common summertime air conditioner problems in Arcadia and surrounding areas in Phoenix can be simply avoided through routine maintenance and service.

It is important to understand what the issues might be, so we can learn how we as homeowners can proactively prevent these troublesome and often stressful and time-consuming repairs from happening in the first place. Here are three of the most common problems that AC systems experience in the intense summer heat.

First – Air Conditioner is Leaking Water in My Home

The dreaded water leaking inside the home by way of the air conditioning unit is one of the most common AC repair jobs that are called into HVAC offices in Arcadia – especially from June till September. Leaking water is often caused by a condenser coil unit that has either shut down, is plugged or has frozen and simply stops working. An AC system basically works as a closed-loop system, where coolant or Freon is circulated through coils inside the unit, and the condensation unit evaporates the moisture that is collected through this process.

But, if this critical component is not ‘free to breathe’ and is blocked by debris, dust, animal waste or even tiny bugs that find their way into the AC system, it can cause water to collect and spill into the home. The best solution to fix this problem is to have your AC system tuned up by a professional HVAC maintenance company in Arcadia – before the summer season hits. During this routine inspection they will clean and service all areas of your AC unit, including the leading causes of leaking or collecting water.

Second – My AC Unit is Freezing and Not Working

It’s also very common during the summertime that air conditioners will freeze up and simply stop working. But the obvious question that is asked by homeowners in Arcadia frequently is; how can an AC unit freeze when it’s over 100 degrees outside? Let’s explain how these units work to answer this for you.

An AC unit requires proper and unrestricted airflow to keep the cooling coils ‘warm’. Warm air from the home is circulated into the AC system and this helps the coolant tubes from freezing. However, when the air restriction is blocked, the coils will freeze up and simply shut the system down completely. When this happens, it can lead to very expensive repairs.

There are a few things that homeowners can do themselves to reduce this from happening in the first place.

  • Replace your indoor filters every month. It gets dusty in the desert – and that dust gets into our homes and into the air we breathe. Clean filters help keep debris and dirt from entering the ducts and then into the AC unit itself.
  • Schedule duct cleaning annually.
  • Make sure you set up a routine service call every year before the summer season in Arcadia to reduce the chance of your AC unit freezing.

Third – My AC Unit is Blowing Warm Air Instead of Cool Air

The third most popular AC problem is when the unit decides to blow warm air instead of cool air. This is a problem when it’s triple digit heat outside. The cause of this problem is typically that your AC unit is blowing warm air due to a coolant leak. As we discussed above, an AC unit is a closed-loop system, so coolant shouldn’t escape. When it leaks, it loses the ability to efficiently cool the air. The direct result is that warm air will blow into the home. The blocked condensate coils and other AC respiratory conditions can also cause this problem.

The solution to all of these common summertime air conditioner problems is to make sure you are proactive about maintenance and service. Our cooling units in Arcadia undergo a ton of stress because of the extreme temperatures. Do your AC unit and yourself a favor by setting up an annual service and maintenance call with a professional HVAC company in Arcadia – before these problems hit you at the most inconvenient time.

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