haboob dust storm affect my air conditioningTis the season for the dreaded haboob dust storms for those of us that live in the Scottsdale area. Along with the frustration that comes with having to sweep up all that dust and dirt around the home, also comes the common fact homeowners often ask; can a haboob dust storm affect my air conditioning system in a negative way? There are a few reasons why this happens and a few items you can do to reduce the chances of having AC issues after or during haboob season.

First – Why Does My Air Conditioner Run Slower After a Haboob?

This is best answered in a quick explanation on how an AC unit works. Any cooling unit is essentially a circulating system that needs to breathe efficiently in order to run correctly. When dust, dirt or anything else blocks the AC unit natural ability to breathe – it simply can’t function properly. The Phoenix summer storms tend to cause copious amounts dust, dirt (and sometimes mud) to embed itself on the outer filters of the AC unit. Simply put, this blocks the units ability to breathe. It can also block the condenser coils and lead to frozen pipes or water building up – that can eventually cost a pretty penny to repair.

Solution: The solution to this problem is to turn off your AC system during a haboob storm. Once the storm has passed, take a few moments to clear off any dirt or debris that has surrounded or embedded itself onto your cooling unit – then turn it back on.

Second – Are Dirty AC Unit Coils the Only Negative Affect On My Unit?

The quick answer here is a simple – no. Although the haboob dust storm is the quickest way to cause dirty AC unit coils; the fact is that it’s not the only component affected. A haboob can cause more dust and dirt to enter the home – which will eventually find itself trapped inside your indoor filters. Dirty filters can cause tons of problems for AC units as well during the summer.

Solution: Make sure to replace your indoor filters every month, but especially right after a haboob.

Third – How Can I Keep My Air Conditioning Unit Unaffected During a Haboob?

Many homeowners in Arizona are considering the addition of AC covers or shelters as a proactive and preventative measure to reduce the onset of dirt and debris clogging up their units. This is a very good way to protect your AC unit from intense summer heat as well – which can extend equipment life significantly. These actions can reduce the possibility of needing an air conditioning repair in Scottsdale AZ.

The best advice we can give to protect your AC system during a haboob is to simply shut it down for the time period – and take the time to clean it up after so that the dirt and grime deposited on the system doesn’t become trapped inside your cooling system.


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