Air Conditioning ProblemsBelieve it or not, even the strongest AC units can experience air conditioning problems in Phoenix. And whether you’re living in Scottsdale, Peoria or any city inside the Phoenix Valley, it is very possible that your AC system is close to breaking down and requiring emergency repairs. Most of these issues however, can be solved through routine maintenance check-ups for AC systems in Phoenix. And just like routine maintenance for a car, it’s best to schedule an AC service tune-up before you experience any of these typical AC problems.

Top 3 AC Troubles In Phoenix

#1 – The Air Conditioning Unit Doesn’t Cool

Yes, when living in Arizona and your AC unit doesn’t cool this means you’ve got a serious problem. That might go down as one of the most obvious statements of all time. But, there are several specific issues that could be causing this to occur inside your home or commercial building:

  • The AC system is low on coolant.
  • The AC thermostat is out of calibration.
  • The AC filters are clogged up and need to be replaced.
  • The AC belts are broken, loose or simply need to be adjusted.

The easiest way to solve this particular issue is to contact an experienced AC repair specialist in Phoenix to come and complete a routine service check-up. Most of the time, if you tell them that your AC system is not cooling but it is running, the solution can be very simple to fix.

#2 – The AC System is Leaking Water

Among Phoenix homeowners, the issue with AC systems leaking water can be very frustrating. However, several potential culprits cause most of these issues including:

  • The AC drain line is not tight or has come apart.
  • Low refrigerant levels that cause excess freezing inside the unit. When the unit warms up, the ice turns to water that leaks.
  • Ductwork that is not sealed can lead to AC system leaking water.
  • Condenser unit is not working properly – this tends to be the big one here in Phoenix.

A leaking AC unit is not something that you want to avoid fixing. This could be a minor issue now, but if left unattended, it can – and often will – lead to further problems developing. Make sure if you have any AC leaking issues to contact your local HVAC repair specialist in Phoenix.

#3 – AC System is Making Loud Noises

One of the most annoying air conditioning problems in Phoenix is an AC system that is making loud noises. This problem however, can be attributed to something loose or broken within the internal AC system. If you notice that your AC unit is making more noise than usual, you need to quickly address this by contacting a repair company as soon as possible.

It’s very possible that you’ve experienced, or are currently experiencing, one of these common air conditioning problems that happen frequently in Arizona. If this is the case don’t delay. Make sure to take a proactive step by contacting your local HVA service company to come and inspect and repair your system as quickly as possible. Doing so will ensure that you will save money on expensive major AC repair in Phoenix Az and have an AC system that will keep you cool all year.

When you are ready to take care of those annoying AC problems give Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling a call at 480.359.7141 today!

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