For many Arizona rAC Tips For Monsoon Season In AZesidents, the start of monsoon season is a mixed blessing. When the season gets under way in mid-June, the slightly cooler temperatures, the rainstorms, thunder and lightning are a welcome relief to the mundane, sun-beating, triple-digit heat.

But all the humidity, rain and dust storms can cause havoc on our homes. That’s why it’s important to be one step ahead of the game and take measures so your family and house are ready for the potential fallout of monsoon season. Below are some air conditioning tips to get your HVAC unit ready for the heavy rains.


Air Conditioning Tips to Get Ready for Arizona Monsoons:

  1. Get your yard ready. Prune your trees so there aren’t branches touching your roof or house. If branches are too close, they can smash into your house. Eliminate any branches that look dead; they’ll be the first to go during a storm and will prevent excessive cleanup after the storm hits. Also, thin out the leaves. Too many leaves means wind can’t pass through the tree and can potentially cause branches to break. If you have young, flimsy trees, stake them good because they will be especially susceptible to damage during monsoon season.
  2. Get a good supply of air filters ready. With so much dust kicking up during the monsoon storms, it’s wise to change your air-conditioning filters at least every month. Opt for the pleated air filters over the more outdated fiberglass panel filters. The pleated filters have more surface area, allowing for more filtration on the surface, and are ultimately more effective.
  3. Keep an eye on condensation and moisture. Monsoon season is notorious for kicking up huge amounts of dust, which can lead to dirt clogging in drain lines. The drain lines are especially susceptible to extra dirt if you aren’t changing your air filter regularly. The dirt builds up gradually and can clog the drain line. Once you have a clog, the excess water will back up in the drain pan and can lead to water damage to your house. You should call an HVAC company out to check and clean the drain lines annually.
  4. Examine your interior doors. Look for any little dots of light coming through. If light can get through, then so can water. Your door seal may need adjusting, or you might need some rubber weatherstripping. This will also help keep the hot air out when you’re trying to cool your house.
  5. Follow the same steps with your windows. Are there any leaks in your windows? If you’ve noticed water damage at the bottom of the window after it rains, the window is likely leaking. If your windows are old, you might want to consider replacing them. An old window might not fit perfectly in its space anymore, leading to leaks. In addition, leaky windows aren’t energy-efficient and won’t keep your house as cool when the air conditioning is running.
  6. Hire a professional Scottsdale HVAC company to inspect your air conditioner. If your unit is on the old side or the wrong size, a professional can tell you what size you should have. When you have the proper size, your utility bills will decrease and your family will be more comfortable.

Proper preparation is the key to minimizing any serious issues with your home during the Arizona monsoons. Make sure your home is ready that way you can enjoy the season without worry!


If you need to call a professional for assistance, Scottsdale Air is here to answer your questions and help you to get your home ready. Call us at (480) 359-7141.

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