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What Is HVAC?

HVAC is an abbreviation for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Some sort of HVAC system is prevalent within most homes, and it depicts the entirety of the heating and cooling system.

Consisting of air filters, registers, humidity and temperature controls, ductwork, etc. However, most modern HVAC systems come with a variety of advanced features, which have been previously unknown on older systems.

Which Type of AC Do You Recommend?

The first counter-question would be what size is your home. A single air conditioner unit is often enough to cool an entire house. However, if you own a larger home, a properly installed central air conditioning unit will be necessary, and depending on square footage along with some other factors, you may need more that one AC unit.

In addition, if you happen to have a home that is more than a single story there is a good chance your home will need more than one AC unit.

Unfortunately or fortunately, there is not a one size fits all AC system. Each home is unique and will need to be assessed by an HVAC professional to determine what type of AC system(s) will work best for your home.

How Can I Save Money on My New AC?

Most older AC systems begin to get more and more expensive to maintain with age. However, you can ask your ac technician how to decrease costs and improve efficiency, specifically for your home and possibly get some short term financial relief.

In many cases, if you have a much older AC system and it’s costing you in high energy bills and repair bills, the best answer is to get a new, more efficient AC system that you can rely on.

It may be more expensive up front, but the long term savings pay off.

If it’s time to replace your AC system with a new, more efficient system, you can look to save by:

  • Asking about financing options
  • Asking about dealer rebates
  • Asking about utility rebates
  • Asking about company deals or specials

What Is the Best AC Brand?

It really depends. There are many different manufacturers of HVAC systems. An experienced HVAC technician should be knowledgeable in most makes and models and can provide you with an educated opinion on them all.

It is also their job to know their benefits and downsides. Get in touch with us and we will gladly help you find the best brand.

What Is the Average Cost of AC Installation in Phoenix?

It is entirely pertinent to your specific use case and situation. Sure, you want to know the price now, but if we give you a made estimate – you will be mad because your real price will be different.

You may need more than an AC unit too… How are your ducts? What about your thermostat? Do you prefer to have an air filter on your system? And on, and on.

Contact your local HVAC company, and ask for a quote of AC installation in Phoenix. There are certain people who will be more price-sensitive and there will be those people who are less concerned about price and would rather get the most efficient system. There are many factors that go into the cost of an AC System.

Is a License Required to Install HVAC Systems?

In Phoenix, a technician is not required to be licensed. However, if you are an HVAC contractor, you 100% must have a license. This is a simple way to weed out unsafe options immediately. If you have someone willing to install an HVAC system and they are not licensed, insured or bonded, we suggest you keep looking.

Using a licensed HVAC contractor is a great way for you to ensure the quality of work and that you’re working with a legally responsible party if something does happen (very uncommon but you still want to be prepared).

A licensed company allows you to claim compensation if their work is faulty. Those who operate without a license will be cheaper to hire, but at a considerable risk of their services being poor.

Should the Company Be Insured?

In addition to licensing, you can find an AC installation company that is insured. With an insured company, you have the safety of liability protection.

The insurance will be able to cover any of the damage that can be done when installing the AC system. However, this is very unlikely, however, as a homeowner it’s your responsibility to properly vet anyone coming to work on your home.

Will Someone Come and Check the System Is Installed Correctly?

At Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling, our technicians will call back and often return to your home to determine if the system is running correctly after installation.

By doing so, we can assure you in our quality of work, and insure ourselves for doing the job right.

What Sort of Maintenance Does an HVAC System Require?

Possibly the most important action you can take to extend the longevity of your HVAC system is to maintain it. Without proper maintenance, the airflow can become restricted with dirt, dust, and debris along with countless other potential issues.

In addition, when you purchase a new HVAC system, many manufacturers require you to conduct annual maintenance to keep the warranty. If you don’t, you may void the warranty, so be aware.

Whether you have an outdoor or indoor unit, you have to keep the filters clean, coils free and heat exchangers clean.

We recommend a bi-annual HVAC check-up. It’s ideal to have one check-up in the spring and the other in the autumn before it’s time to turn your heating system on.

This will help eliminate most of the common problems that require expensive fixes and can reduce the chances of a breakdown of your system at an unexpected and inconvenient time.

Is There a Warranty for the Service?

It is valuable to know how long your AC warranty is, and the fine print that comes with it. Some systems require you to get service and maintenance for the warranty to remain valid (as mentioned above).

It’s best to discuss this with the HVAC technician during the installation process. Or you can try to find the label on the your equipment (typically there is a sticker somewhere on the unit). You can typically find a manufacturer date, and if its less than 5 years old – it probably still has a warranty. But this is uncertain, as the warranty varies for each installation company and manufacturer.

Do I Need to Change Filters Regularly?

Yes. Regular change of filters helps your system stay functional, and improve the indoor air quality.

You should change the filters to prevent dust, germs, and allergens from polluting your air. Depending on the type of filter, you might have to do it once a month or possibly every 90 days.

Your technician will let you know how often you should change out your filters.

Does Sound Become an Issue With HVAC Systems?

Usually, there is some sound with HVAC systems, however, it doesn’t have to be that way. The sound of your AC and heat pump is dependent on many factors, such as model, age, whether the compressor is insulated or not.

In most cases, the more efficient, high-tech models are going to be significantly less loud, and in some cases – close to silent.

What Temperature Should I Set for the HVAC?

The setting you will choose for temperature will be dependent on the time of year and personal preference. Some people like to have the AC set to ice-cold temperatures, and others prefer to keep their settings warmer.

Just remember to not make drastic changes to your temperature when leaving the home. Do not set it back more than 5 degrees at a time.

Your HVAC Needs

Those are the FAQS on AC installation in Phoenix. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Also, if you find your system is:

  • Making noise
  • Not cooling or heating your home properly
  • Taking too long to cool down or heat up
  • Utility bills keep rising for no reason

You likely need an AC system service, repair, and possibly a replacement. Often, the longer you delay the worse the problem will get.  Contact Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling at 480-467-3586 to find out what’s going on with your AC system.

Is it time to replace your old, worn-out AC Unit? Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling has been helping families since 1947! We will ensure you get the right unit for your home (and yes, we do offer financing options)! Call 480-467-3586 today or request service online to get started.


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