residential HVAC unit installationIf your AC unit is underperforming or causing larger problems to your home like mold or water damage, it could be time to purchase a new unit. Buying a new HVAC system for installation is an important decision and should be carefully managed and thought through. There are a number of HVAC install technicians that are well equipped to handle the job for you. The question remains, however, what should you be asking to make sure that the job gets done correctly?

Here are five questions to ask before a residential HVAC unit installation, so you are well informed and feel comfortable with the job you are getting done: What size system do I need for my home? What is your installation process? Are there any rebates or tax credits available? Is your company bonded and insured? How long does it take to complete the installation? 

What Size System Do I Need for My Home?

First and foremost, it is important you know what size system is needed for your home. There have been noted cases that technicians and AC salespersons have gone through lengths to upsell oversized AC units that are too big for your house. This makes the air conditioner sizing? Details essential on how big of a unit is necessary for your home, along with added points for needing to measure the total volume of your home’s living space and the square footage, as well as calculating how many trees and shrubs shade your home.

What is Your Installation Process?

Before the installation begins, it is a good idea to ask what the AC installation process is going to look like. You want to make sure that everything is done thoroughly and exact. Most contractors are going to dismantle the old AC unit and take it away themselves, but that is something that you want to make sure of before the installation begins. Becoming familiar with the residential HVAC unit installation will help you avoid headaches in the future.

Are There Any Rebates or Tax Credits Available?

For further details on tax credits available, you can review this article from energy star: Federal Income Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency. For rebates that could be offered from individual AC units that are purchased would depend on the manufacturer that is producing the unit and where the unit is purchased.

Is Your Company Bonded and Insured?

The Tempe Arizona HVAC install technicians entrusted with the task of installing an AC unit at your home will be undergoing a very complex job that needs years of training and skill. If something was to go wrong with the installation, it is imperative that they are insured and licensed to work in AZ. This is not something that you want to wait to find out when there has been a mistake made. Save yourself the pain and heartache by ensuring that your contractor is insured.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Installation?

It typically takes your AC technician about 4-8 hours to complete a full installation. Along the way, your technician should be keeping you posted on the progress and keeping you in the loop if there are any potential time delays.


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