One of the most frustrating situations that any homeowner can go through is buying a replacement furnace – especially when it’s cold during the winter months. Most of us never plan or expect this to occur, but when it does, it’s important that we have the right plan in place to get the best and most affordable system to keep our home and families comfortable. The reality is that there are some furnace manufacturers that are simply better than others. If you’re looking for the best Carefree furnace system to install in your home, any of these three professional brands will serve you well.

Lennox Furnace Systems

Since the turn of the twentieth century, the Lennox brand has been a dependable manufacturer of cooling and heating systems for multiple applications. Whether it’s a commercial HVAC system or a residential furnace unit – these products are built with durability and efficiency as their top priority. Homes in the Phoenix area are subject to extreme temperatures and elements – from blowing sand and high winds, to Haboobs and heavy rain during the monsoon seasons. Even though most furnaces are housed inside a home, it’s still important that the unit can hold up for years. Here are a few of the specific attributes that make Lennox units a good replacement system.

  • Lennox Furnaces are all Energy Star® Rated by the US Department of Energy
  • They are installed and serviced by Lennox authorized dealers and technicians
  • Lennox Furnaces are built with longevity in mind and are affordable
  • Lennox offers rebates on the purchase of new units and is approved by the US Department of Energy for some tax rebates and credits.

Trane Furnace Systems

Trane replacement furnace systems are another dependable brand that Arizona homeowners view as extremely reliable. They manufacture home HVAC units, cooling systems, heating units, furnaces, home indoor air quality systems and more. Every unit they manufacture is assembled in the USA and is only installed by Trane Comfort Specialists who have undergone rigorous training and continuous education to ensure they stay on top of new technology and service techniques.

  • Trane gas furnaces are also Energy Star® rated
  • They are extremely efficient systems that save homeowners money monthly on their energy bills
  • Trane systems are fully warrantied when they are serviced and installed by Trane Comfort Specialists
  • They are available in variable speed, two-speed or single speed – customized for specific homes and homeowner preferences

Bryant Furnace Systems

If affordability and reliability are important to you, Bryant furnace systems are also a major brand to consider as a good replacement furnace. The Bryant brand has served the Phoenix community with dependable cooling and heating systems for decades. Each unit is rigorously tested to exceed US Department of Energy standards on energy efficiency, longevity and parts wear and tear. In fact, among all of the major manufacturers of furnaces, Bryant is ranked in the top three in every major consumer category. They are priced well, are also only installed and serviced by professionally trained technicians that work for a Carefree furnace installation company.

If you’re in the market for a replacement furnace for your home, office or commercial building, Lennox, Trane and Bryant are three manufacturers that are equally qualified to keep your building comfortably warm for years.


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