Although the weather in Arcadia during winter months typically is very nice, the reality exists that it can get bitter cold in the evenings and early morning hours in the desert. Because of this fact, Arcadia furnace problems in the middle of winter are never a fun experience for any homeowner. However, there are a few common problems that an experienced heating maintenance company in Arcadia fix that if diagnosed early can reduce the cost of making furnace repairs.

Here are three of the most common furnace problems that homeowners in Arcadia see along with some of the things you can do to reduce these issues from popping up again once they are repaired.

First – The Furnace is Blowing Cool Air or the Air is Not Hot Enough

According to the US Department of Energy, the most common problem with furnaces that homeowners instantly notice is that their furnace is blowing cool air as opposed to warm air inside the house. There are several things that can contribute to this common problem such as:

  • The indoor filters are clogged, dirty or blocked.
  • The thermostat has fallen out of calibration or needs to be repaired
  • The furnace is gas powered and the pilot light has been extinguished
  • There is a fuel flow or electrical issue with the furnace that is causing the heating elements to fail

As you can see, there are multiple items that can cause cool air to blow from the furnace. The best way to avoid these issues once the repair has been completed by a professional heating repair company is to activate a routine service program. Maintenance is critical for any major appliance to ensure longevity; however it can also improve energy efficiency and enhance indoor air quality.

Second – The Furnace is Leaking Water

Furnace condensation is another common problem that homeowners in Arcadia experience. Typically condensation is caused by the condensation tube either being blocked, clogged or if there is a break in the line. It can also be caused by a floor drain that is clogged with debris in the garage. This is usually the cause of leaks with high-efficiency gas furnaces. For homes that have standard-efficiency units that have metal exhaust pipes; this type of condensation should not occur. If your home has an older system and you’re noticing condensation or water near your furnace, you should contact the heating repair company in Arcadia quickly.

Third – The Furnace Blower Continuously Runs

There are times when it can be very cold – especially late at night or in the early morning hours in Arcadia. However, when your furnace is running frequently, it can be a serious issue or a simple repair that is causing this to occur. Some of the common items that lead to a frequently running furnace include:

  • A malfunctioning thermostat control
  • An electrical problem with the furnace
  • Blocked or dirty furnace filters that are causing a restriction in air flow

Like all of the other common problems documented above, when you are experiencing any problems with your furnace; making a quick call to the repair company is a smart idea. A small issue with any heating system can quickly turn into a major and costly repair. Take time to fix the problem as soon as possible to avoid to replace your furnace sooner than you need.


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