If you’re in an unfortunate situation where the heating system inside your home has broken down, finding a replacement system can be extremely difficult. However, anytime a homeowner is looking for Tempe furnace replacement, there are a few important questions that should be asked of heating repair companies that will expedite the search and ensure you get the right system for your home in Tempe.

Here are three questions that you should ask the heating repair company in Tempe before you sign on the dotted line.

First – What Furnace System is Right For my Home?

There are multiple items that all contribute to finding the perfect home heating system. When a home heating company works with you to buy a replacement system; one of the first things they will do is complete a load calculation. This is completed by professional home HVAC contractors in Tempe to determine the right size and type of heating system that will efficiently keep your home comfortable during the winter months. They factor in several individual attributes including:

  • The size of your home (including total amount of floors and square footage)
  • The location of windows and doors (whether they face east, west, north or south)
  • The type of ductwork inside the home and insulation

A professional heating contractor will also examine other factors when picking the right type of heating system including the type of air conditioning system you have; and whether a heating system is compatible to that system. The key is to effectively communicate with your heating contractor on your goals, budget and comfort level you’re looking to achieve.

Second – How Much Experience Does Your Company Have?

Hiring the right furnace replacement company is essential to ensuring your furnace is properly installed and functions correctly for several years. A professional company that completes furnace installation in Tempe will have experience completing these repairs in homes similar to your own. There are many ways to verify the experience of any contractor to ensure they operate ethically and professionally such as:

  • Verify their contractor license standing with the Better Business Bureau. If a company has a negative history with the BBB, you should stay away from working with them.
  • Look online for company reviews. Sometimes customer complaints online can be slanted and bias, however, when a company has multiple complains about their service – it can be a warning sign.
  • Check out Angieslist.com. A great source for consumer reviews that are not paid or bias is Angieslist.com. They provide accurate data for homeowners to find contractors that do a professional job with all of their services.
  • Ask the company for references from previous customers.

Third – Will this Furnace Replacement Have an Effect on my Heating Bills?

Saving money on the monthly energy bill is a huge concern for most homeowners in Tempe and the entire Phoenix Valley. Most of the new furnaces that are manufactured today meet or exceed US Department of Energy – Energy Star® standards. However it is very important to verify that the system that you intent to purchase is going to have a positive impact on your heating bills – by consuming less energy to produce warmth.

There are multiple furnace brands that you can choose from; but starting by asking contractor these questions first will simplify your search for the best Tempe furnace replacement possible that won’t put a dent in your pocketbook.


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