Contrary to popular belief, it can get downright bitter cold in the desert. It’s for this reason that homeowners in Tempe rely on their furnaces to operate efficiently during the winter months. What happens when you come home to an igloo and find out that your furnace has decided to break down at the worst time? Typically this means having to make a phone call to a Tempe heating repair company. However, there are a few things that expert HVAC technicians suggest that will help you reduce the potential of this occurring and having to call them to complete Tempe furnace repair.

Here are a few tips from the pros on how to avoid furnace breakdown.

First – Understand Your Heating System

It’s often said that knowledge is power. When it comes to your major appliances; this is a statement of fact that can help homeowners diagnose issues before they cause major damage. A home heating system, whether it’s a furnace, boiler or natural gas powered pretty much has the same basic structure.

  • There is a unit that creates the heat or converts colder air to warm air
  • This air is circulated to and from the home through a vent system called ‘ductwork’
  • The temperature and operation of the system is controlled by a thermostat inside the house

These three specific areas need to be in working order so the system can operate efficiently. When one of these areas breaks down – it impacts the entire system. Take time to speak with a home heating repair technician about each of these components and how they all play a role in the complete operation of your heating system.

Second – Be Aware of Noises or Warning Signs

When a furnace decides to break down, it often gives homeowners clues before the unit shuts down completely. Whether it’s a noise caused by a loose belt, a vibration caused by a blockage in the filtration or even the smell of something burning, these warning signs will tell the home owner and the furnace repair company where potential issues might be coming from. Here are a few classic warning signs of a furnace that is suffering and needs to be serviced:

  • The smell of burning rubber. If you smell rubber burning from your vents, it’s typically a belt that is loose and is about to break. When this occurs, the furnace will shut down.
  • The smell of gas. Anytime you smell gas inside a home it’s not something that should be avoided. A leaking gas line or fitting can lead to catastrophic conditions. Don’t delay; call the furnace repair company ASAP if you notice any gas smells.
  • A banging sound coming from the furnace. This can be caused by multiple things including blocked vents or loose hardware inside the unit.

If you notice any of these warning signs or if you hear sounds coming from the furnace – contact the HVAC contractor in Tempe sooner rather than later.

Third – Activate a Routine Maintenance Program

The best way to reduce the potential of having a furnace breakdown on you is to activate a routine maintenance program through a dependable furnace repair company that services Tempe. Routine service includes:

  • Full inspection of the complete heating system from the furnace to vents to the thermostat
  • Tight all fittings, check all hoses make sure all lubricants are topped off
  • Replacing indoor and interior filters and recommending a filter replacement schedule to the homeowner based on their system

There are many other services that are included in routine maintenance that is customized for each specific type and manufacturer of furnaces. Contact your local furnace contractor in Tempe and ask them to put together a maintenance program that makes sense.


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