Central air conditioning is crucial if you live in Arizona, especially when record-breaking temperatures cause you to spend the majority of your time indoors.

If you’re an Arcadia, AZ resident considering AC replacement, then be prepared to save money while benefitting from a brand new unit. You’ll have continuous cold air when you need it the most while lowering your monthly energy bills.

Keep reading to learn all the ways a new AC unit will keep your money where it belongs: in your wallet.

Cost Saving Benefits of a New AC Unit

It’s possible to save anywhere from 20% to 40% on your monthly electric bill, just by upgrading to a new unit.

Older units have to work harder to cool your home. As a result, they raise your energy bills. Upgrading to a new AC unit is an easy way of reducing your monthly bills.

When shopping for a new unit, look for ones with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Be sure to purchase a unit with a SEER of 13, although higher is optimal.

Air Conditioning units are one of the largest energy-using systems in your home, so it’s not surprising that a new AC unit will save you money.

Repair or Replace AC Units

You may be wondering if you should do an AC replacement or repair the one you have. There are several things to consider when making this decision.

First, how old is your AC unit? If it’s over 15 years old, then it’s best to buy a new one.

Next, have your HVAC technician evaluate what repairs your system needs and compare the cost to that of a new system. If the price to repair is comparable to a new unit, it’s best to do a whole AC replacement.

Another consideration is the refrigerant. Many people are opting to replace their AC units in order to comply with environmentally friendly options.

R-22 refrigerant, the less eco-friendly choice, was used in older units. It’s since been replaced with R-410a, another benefit of an AC replacement.

If you notice a monthly increase in energy bills, this is an indicator that you should invest in an AC replacement unit. As parts wear out and units age they struggle to cool your home.

You may even notice circuit breakers tripping in order to protect your home from fire. This is due to your AC compressor overheating.

Save Money With an AC Replacement

As an Arcadia, AZ resident you understand the importance of an AC unit that delivers continuous cold air to your home. Don’t let faulty AC compressors cause you to be without air conditioning or drive your energy bills sky-high.

Why pay the energy companies more than you have to? Invest in Arcadia AZ AC replacement for long-term savings.

For quality AC replacement, contact us today and a member of our dedicated staff will be happy to set up an appointment. One of our experienced technicians will discuss with you AC replacement cost and show you the countless benefits associated with replacing your unit.

Time to replace your old, worn-out AC System? Contact the Surprisingly Affordable AC experts at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling to schedule your AC Tune-Up Today ~ 480-359-7141.

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