Trane ReviewsOne of the most efficient cooling systems manufactured today is the Trane XV20i. Built and engineered for hot weather climates like the Phoenix Valley, the new Trane XV 20i series was developed to keep Scottsdale homes cool – without having to consume tons of energy to accomplish this task. And when you read most Trane reviews written online – one thing remains consistent; they provide customers with incredible value.

Here are some of the in’s and out’s about the Trane XV20i and why many homeowners in Scottsdale are choosing this system to replace their out of date units.

Variable Speed Equals Efficient Cooling

According to Trane Consumer Reports reviews, the best feature of the Trane XV20i series is the TruComfort™ systems that provide you with the exact comfort level you want – without having to frequently turn on and off. This revolutionary system was engineered to permit the outdoor fan, indoor fans and the compressor of the AC unit to operate at different speeds and BTU levels – at increments as little as one percent in many cases. This precise tuning feature keeps the home comfortable when the outdoor temperatures change.

Very Efficient Performance

Most homeowners searching for a new cooling system will ask instantly about cost. Well, the reality is that the Trane XV20i price is rather affordable compared to similar systems. This unit has an amazing SEER rating of 21 and can automatically adjust itself to maintain a consistent temperature without those annoying temperature swings. This means that the unit offers efficient performance and as such, will save you money every month when the utility bill arrives.

Ease of Control

As with most new comfort systems, the Trane XV20i is equipped with ease of use options. For Trane specifically, it’s the ComfortLink™ II  communicating technology that permits you to configure and calibrate your system for optimal performance. These units are also available with WIFI programmable settings that can be accessed and controlled from any mobile device – giving you the flexibility to remotely control your home’s comfort.

Best Value on the Market

Although the Trane XV series is one of the best air conditioning systems on the market, many homeowners are also looking into Trane heat pump reviews to see if those systems are better equipped for their specific needs. The best way to determine this for certain is to contact your local HVAC Company in Scottsdale that is a certified Trane Comfort Specialist. They will give you the lowdown on which Trane system is best suited for your individual comfort level – budget – and home features.

Believe it or not, the constant message written in most Trane reviews online is that these systems offer customers exceptional value across the board. And whether you’re looking to purchase a new XV20i or looking for a replacement Trane Heat Pump you simply can’t go wrong with this dependable brand.

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