carefree HVACDid you know that many AC and heating system repair calls often come from Carefree home owners after they return from an extended vacation and ‘flip the switch’ to turn the system back on? The question that many homeowners often ask is; why does a Carefree HVAC system wait till we get back home from vacation to break down?

Ensure Your Carefree HVAC System Is Ready To Run

First – Why Does The HVAC System In Carefree Decide To Break Down After It’s Turned On After Vacation?

As we stated above, your HVAC system doesn’t know the difference between a vacation and anything else you do. But, it does know the difference between running consistently or sitting idle, collecting dust and debris then instantly expected to perform at peak efficiency. This is a major cause of most AC and heating system failures when people return from an extended vacation – especially for winter visitors that leave Arizona for extended periods of time.

An AC or heating system needs to be run in order to last. This might seem odd, but believe it or not, when you ensure your system stays operational around the clock, it’s less likely to break down than if you turn it off completely. This is why many Carefree HVAC experts recommend turning your temperature settings higher than normal in summer or lower than normal in winter if you leave for vacation. This will allow your HVAC system to circulate air from time to time and keep the moving parts lubricated.

Second – How Can We Save Money On Utilities If The HVAC System In Carefree Is Left On During Vacation?

One of the best tools that a homeowner can have, especially somebody that leaves Carefree frequently on business or extended travel, is a programmable thermostat. Most of these new systems include WIFI technology allowing a homeowner to adjust the temperature of their AC and heating systems through their mobile device. You can also have the thermostat send you a text message if the unit is left on so you can adjust the temperature settings accordingly. As we stated above, it’s never a good idea to turn your AC or heating unit completely off. Instead, upgrade to a programmable thermostat that will allow you to monitor your home temperature settings and adjust for maximum energy efficiency.

Third – What Should I Do When I Return to Carefree From Vacation?

The lesson learned by many homeowners in Carefree is often that if your HVAC system is left off for a long time, it can – and often does – have issues. A simple solution to this problem is as stated above – don’t turn it off. However, if you’re going to shut down your HVAC system, make sure you contact a dependable heating and air conditioning repair company to inspect the system before you turn it on. A simple ‘check-up’ can save you a ton of money on costly repairs.

The best advice we can offer when it comes to keeping your Carefree HVAC system running strong is to leave it on but adjust the temperature to a setting that will save energy while you’re enjoying vacation or an extended trip.


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