why is my air conditioner tripping the circuit breakerThe unknown often triggers a natural cause of stress. Whether it’s trying to diagnose a mysterious problem with a car – or the ultimate question as to why is my air conditioner tripping the circuit breaker; the fact remains that some things simply can’t be explained simply. However, when it comes to the AC issue that many Arizona residents experience on a daily basis, the root cause of these problems can be rather simple for an expert AC technician to determine. But are there things you can do yourself to pre-diagnose this common problem?

Here are a few of the common reasons why an AC system will trip the circuit breaker – and what you can do to prevent this from happening again once the problem is solved by a Scottsdale HVAC repair company.

First – Low Refrigerant Can Cause the Breaker to Trip

An AC system is, simply put, an efficient running machine. It requires all of the parts moving together, working together in order to function correctly. The refrigerant or coolant is a critical part of this synergistic cooling design. When the coolant is leaking or running low, it causes the AC system to work harder to attempt to replicate the results the homeowner is searching to achieve. Eventually, if the AC system runs too long – it will simply consume too much energy. And when this occurs, the safety devices built into home and commercial electrical systems will trip the circuit breaker to ensure an overload does not occur.

The solution: Make sure you have your AC system tuned up every year before the hot season approaches. This proactive step will check your AC unit for any leaks of coolant or refrigerant – so this problem doesn’t happen to you when you can least afford.

Second – Aging Components On Your AC Need to Be Checked

As we mentioned above, the AC system is a cohesive system that must work together to achieve positive results. However, mechanical parts are designed to wear out over time. Even if you keep the AC system perfectly clean and tuned up, eventually some of the moving parts will wear out. If this occurs, it can lead to power loss or inefficient operation of your cooling unit.

One of the components that are frequently missed in some AC tune-ups is the electrical connections. The electrical system needs to be checked every year – and if any fittings are loose or worn out due to the elements that they can be exposed to in Arizona, they need to be replaced or tightened up – to avoid electrical problems.

Third – Check Your Air Conditioning Filters

When it comes to routine maintenance and service, the best thing that any homeowner can do to reduce the onset of most problems is to check your air conditioning filters every month. AC units need to breathe in order to run smooth and energy efficiently. The number one factor in reduction of the system’s ability to breathe are air filters that run from the home to the duct work that are blocked with dust, debris and other particles that filter its way into them on a daily basis. As we talked about above, when the system has to work hard to produce similar results, it consumes more energy. And since all electrical systems have limits on how much power they can consume, if this is not regulated – it will trip the circuit breaker of a home or commercial building.

As you can see, most of the root causes of why your AC system is tripping the circuit breaker can easily be solved through some simple maintenance or elbow grease. Be smart and proactive about keeping your AC tuned up in Arizona. You’ll be glad you did.


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