ac tune up paradise valley azIt’s getting close to summertime in Paradise Valley, which means only one thing – the heat is coming quickly. And as you probably know, there is nothing worse than turning on your home’s AC unit on that first 90-degree day to discover that your unit just isn’t running smoothly. A great way to avoid this is to schedule a routine AC tune up in Paradise Valley performed by a licensed, certified and dependable HVAC contractor.

4 Qualities Of A Good AC Repair Company In Paradise Valley

First – A Good AC Tune Up Will Inspect the Entire System

Did you know that the actual AC unit only makes up about 50% of the entire home AC system? In fact, the actual unit that is either outside or on your roof merely powers the circulation of air from inside your home to the AC unit and then back into your home. This is why a good AC tune up will also include a detailed inspection of several other important components, including:

  • Inspection and calibration of your thermostat
  • Inspection and cleaning of AC vents, Filters and ductwork
  • Inspection of all electrical systems that power the AC system
  • Inspection of all components inside the actual AC unit

Only when all of these parts work together can your home’s AC system truly operate with peak efficiency.

Second – Make Sure To Replace those Internal Filters – Frequently

When your local AC tune up company that services Paradise Valley shows up to the appointment, they will most likely replace the air filters inside your home as part of their routine tune-up. However, this is where many homeowners make a mistake. You should always ask the technician what size and brand of inside air filters you should order and keep on hand. It’s recommended that these indoor filters be replaced at least every two months especially in a dusty city like Paradise Valley.

Third – A Great AC Tune Up will Include Lubricant Checks

Just like any other mechanical unit, an AC system needs to maintain proper lubrication in order to run smoothly. However, many AC tune up specialists actually skip this important step. Whether it’s due to laziness or simply not understanding basic mechanics, it’s very important to ensure that all lubricants are inspected and topped off with any AC tune up service. So, always make sure that when an AC tech leaves your home and gives you a detailed receipt for all the services they have provided that ‘lubricant check’ and ‘fill-up’ are clearly marked on the invoice.

Finally – Always Be Certain to Ask for a Detailed Report

Education is a vital element for success in virtually any industry. However, as a homeowner, the more you know about each major appliance, how it works and most importantly, what might be not working properly is a sure fire way to stay ahead of expensive repairs. This is why the final item you should receive from any AC tune up in Paradise Valley is a detailed report from the technician outlining the following:

  • What did they service?
  • What items did they replace?
  • What items should be replaced or checked at the next service?

When you know what to expect during your home AC tune up in Paradise Valley, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing and cool summer – with peace of mind knowing that your system is running strong.

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