With summertime only a few short weeks away, homeowners across the country are wondering how they are going to manage to keep their homes cool this summer without having to break the bank. Air conditioners, while extremely useful, can drain your pocketbook if you do not have them set correctly. Fortunately, with a few summertime air conditioner tips, it’s easy to save money and keep your home frosty at the same time. Keep reading to learn the best Tempe air conditioner settings for summer, and why you should consult an AC expert to keep your Tempe home cool all summer long.

 1. Don’t Waste Money on an Empty House

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make in an effort to stay cool during the hottest months is keeping their AC set extremely low, even when they are not home. Sure, it’s nice to be able to come back to a cool house after running around in the heat, but you’re also wasting a ton of money by cooling an empty house. Whenever you leave your home during the summer, make sure to turn your thermostat up a few degrees —not enough to turn your home into a sauna, but enough that you are not wasting energy. Once you get home, you can turn the temperature back down to your liking and feel good that you’ve saved a good deal of money.

 2. Make Use of Advanced Thermostat Technology

Advances in modern technology have made controlling the temperature in your Tempe home easier than ever before, which is why a great tip for managing your AC settings is to purchase a programmable thermostat. This specific type of thermostat allows for you to automate the settings of your air conditioner for certain circumstances, like for the nighttime or the hours when you’ll be out of the home, so you never have to worry about manually turning the thermostat up and down. Not only will this provide peace of mind, but it can also help you to save almost 10 percent on annual energy costs, which is a definite bonus.

 3. Leave Your Thermostat Turned On

Out of all the energy saving tips people commonly hear, there is one that sounds counterintuitive but may actually end up saving you tons of money this summer. Make sure to always leave your air conditioner on, even when you leave the house. Although turning your air conditioner off when your not home seems like it would be a big money saver, it can actually end up costing you big. A house that is allowed to heat up is extremely hard to cool back down, causing your air conditioner to work overtime, draining your bank account. Maintaining a home’s temperature, however, is much less energy intensive, meaning it is much more cost effective. As detailed in tip number one, turning your AC down instead of turning it off completely is a much better idea.

Consult an AC Expert for More Tips

Now that you’ve read a few tips for keeping your house cool this summer while saving on energy costs, you’re at least a little prepared for the year’s hottest months. However, as in most things, the best way to save money is by talking with an expert. If you’re still concerned about how to stay cool this summer at a reasonable price, you should consult Tempe AZ air conditioner install specialists to advise you on the best way to operate your AC unit this summer.


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