Installing an air conditioning system is a task that is best left to professionals. When you’re undergoing a new AC install in Tempe, AZ, your air conditioning professional will go through a number of checks to make sure your system is working properly. One of the most important tasks in determining the effectiveness of your air conditioning system is measuring the airflow.

Low air flow is one of the biggest indicators of an issue with your air conditioner, and can lead an experienced AC professional to the source of the issue. Read on to find out how AC professionals measure airflow in ducts and why keeping a consistent level of airflow is important to the health of your AC.

Measuring Airflow with Specialized Tools

Although you may not think it, measuring air flow can actually be a very complicated process involving taking measurements and using them in equations to determine whether air is flowing at the proper level. Fortunately, air flow professionals have access to some great tools to help simplify the process. These tools can include something as simple as holding a piece of toilet paper up to a vent and high-level tools like fan blade anemometers and pilot tube probes. Once your installer has measured your AC airflow, they will be able to tell if there is problem or not.

Checking Any Possible Issues Following Installation

If there is a problem with your AC ventilation during installation, your AC professional will address it before they leave. After installation is complete, they will go through a number of performance checks—including measuring air flow—to ensure that your system is functioning properly and to the level that you want. A good AC installer will not leave your home until the job is finished and you are comfortable with how your system is working. While the install is in process, make sure that your installer addresses any questions or concerns that you may have about your new air conditioning unit.

Sealing Ducts to Prevent Airflow Reduction

There are a lot of issues that can cause a reduction in airflow, but the most common one is improperly sealed ducts. Because the majority of the air that moves through your air conditioning system travels through the duct system, proper duct sealing is integral in guaranteeing that your system doesn’t suffer airflow reduction and will work properly when you need it most. During installation, your AC professional should make a full examination of the duct system in your home or business, and take special care to fully seal any points where leaking is likely to occur.

Hiring an AC Installation Expert

Maintaining the proper level of airflow is the primary way to make certain that your air conditioning system stays running the way that you need it to. Unfortunately, problems that can cause a reduction in airflow often stem from an improperly installed system, which is why you need to make sure you hire Tempe AZ AC system installation experts to install your air conditioner. The right AC professional will be able to properly install your system and then give it a thorough examination to make sure that there are no issues before they leave. Hiring AC experts give you both security and peace of mind.


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