Many people have suffered from the problem of a noisy air conditioner. It can make it hard to relax or hear the TV or music—and it can just grate on your nerves. There are options available to make sure that your next unit doesn’t engage in that noisy rattling from AC vibration—and the most common and effective are vibration pads. Learn how options like properly installed vibration pads and securing can address and reduce air conditioner vibration noise, courtesy of your Tempe, AZ central AC system installation company.

What Are Vibration Pads?

Air conditioner vibration pads are installed underneath and around your air conditioner to absorb rattling and vibrations that can result in a very noisy unit. When properly installed these pads can take a loud and distracting AC unit and turn it into a smooth and quiet addition to your home. Of course, in order to work properly, the pads have to be installed just right.

Benefits of Vibration Pads

The benefits of vibration pads are obvious. They pad the bottom and sides of your unit so that even when it does vibrate, rather than rattling against the window frame, the vibrations are absorbed and dispersed. This carries a number of benefits. The first and most obvious is that it makes a noisy AC unit much quieter, reducing and eliminating that unpleasant noise. The second is that they reduce strain on the frame where your unit is mounted, meaning it’s less likely to come loose or even fall out.

Expert Installation

When you make the decision to address a noisy unit and stop vibrations, you should bring in an expert to undertake your Tempe, AZ air conditioner install or repair work. AC units are delicate and need the right expertise and knowledge to properly mount, balance and maintain. Pads are not something you can just place under the unit and be done with. They need to be aligned and positioned exactly. An expert HVAC technician is the ideal choice to do this.

Testing the Unit

After installing the pads, it’s important to test the unit to make sure that everything is working properly. Testing the AC unit can also reveal other issues that need to be addressed. For example, it’s possible that your unit isn’t just vibrating; you could have a bad fan, motor problems or any other number of issues that can cause noise. While your Tempe AZ central AC system installation company is present, it’s good to check for these problems so that if they are present, they too can be addressed and covered properly.


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