Spring is here, and summer is right around the corner—which means the heat in Tempe will soon be rising. The key to making sure that you stay cool through the hottest months of the year is having a fully functioning AC unit. However, air conditioning systems can be very delicate and suffer outages without any warning. Although many people might not realize it, one of the biggest dangers an air conditioning system can face is having an uneven AC condenser unit. Learn why it is important that your Tempe home AC condenser unit stays level and the problems that can result if it is uneven.

Keep Your Refrigerant Flowing Smoothly

For your air conditioning system to work properly, AC refrigerant must be able to run through the unit as smoothly as possible. Refrigerant, along with lubricating oil, travels through your air conditioner’s compressor, allowing your unit to cool the air in your home. If your condenser unit has not been installed levelly, it will be difficult for the refrigerant and oil to easily travel through your system, causing tremendous strain on your compressor and increasing the likelihood of a unit malfunction. It is imperative that you ensure that your AC unit is always level to avoid refrigerant back-ups.

Avoid a Leaky Unit

One of the unsung heroes of the air conditioning unit is the drip pan. Your drip pan collects excess moisture produced by your unit and prevents it from leaking into the unit itself or the surrounding area. However, if your condenser is not level, it becomes very easy to experience drip pan leaks. These leaks are problematic due to the fact that too much moisture in your unit can cause serious levels of damage—not to mention the mess it can cause in the area directly surrounding your unit. Having a perfectly level condenser ensures that your drip pan functions properly and keeps the repairman away.

Prevent Long-Term Issues

It is possible, in the short-term, for your air conditioning unit to function while not being level. This fact may lull you into a false sense of security, which is why many people tend to ignore the problem. Long-term, however, your condenser unit can develop very serious issues that may cause it to break down at the worst possible time. When your unit is unevenly installed, it will vibrate every time it is in use. The effects of this vibration will build up over time and result in damage within your unit that you won’t be able to see until it’s too late. Ensuring levelness during your Tempe AC unit install will guarantee that your air conditioner stays running smoothly, well into the future.

Hire an Expert Installer

Your air conditioning unit is one of your home’s most essential systems, especially when you live in Tempe during the summer. For your unit to function properly when you need it the most, it is crucial that it is installed perfectly level to avoid future problems. Air conditioning experts in Tempe can install your unit the right way so that you will always stay cool during the hottest times of the year.


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