Having a working air conditioning unit in Tempe is much more than a convenience: it’s an outright necessity, especially when it really starts to get hot. Having only a single AC running throughout the house, however, may not be the answer to your heating and cooling needs. Houses, after all, don’t get equal amounts of sunshine throughout the day, and due to insulation or circulation issues, not all parts of the house heat and cool at the same rates. In situations like these, a zoning air conditioning unit in Tempe might just be the best bet for your home. Find out below the benefits a Tempe air conditioning company can give you by installing a zone AC unit.

What Is a Zoned Air Conditioning System?

Zone home control AC breaks your home into different areas or “zones” that are each controlled by a separate thermostat. Dampers in the ductwork control each zone electronically, functioning like valves to control the flow of hot and cold air throughout the home. The thermostats control these electronic dampers, telling the damper to let in more or less air as desired. When a specific area has reached the right temperature, the thermostat will send the air to other parts of your home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Air conditioning units can be very expensive, so any options to save some money on your next energy bill should be explored. A zoned AC unit is particularly helpful at reducing energy costs. Instead of running high or low temperatures throughout the entire house, you can keep unused parts of the home at a more manageable temperature while keeping whatever space you’re in at the perfect level, giving you energy efficient home air conditioning.

Enhanced Comfort in Your Home

A zoned air conditioning unit naturally makes for a more comfortable home. By evening out the distribution, you’re able to keep every inch of the house at a comfortable temperature without thinking. If hot and cold spots are a problem for you, consider them gone with a zoned air conditioning unit. This is particularly helpful for two- and multi-story homes, many of which suffer from uneven heating and cooling levels. Typically, upper levels are warmer than lower levels, so by installing separate zones for the upstairs and downstairs, you’ll never again have to feel like walking in and out of a sauna inside your own home.

Added Control of Your Cooling System

Hot or cold, your house should always be exactly as you want it to be. Installing a zoned air conditioning unit will go a long way towards giving you that total 100 percent control any Tempe homeowner deserves. You can even adjust the system to heat and cool specific rooms. Maybe someone in the family likes it much colder or hotter than everyone else. A zoned AC system makes for the ideal solution, or perhaps you want a certain room to be very hot or very cold the moment you walk into it. Setting the temperature beforehand ensures this. A trained HVAC professional can implement this system for you easily enough, and it’s something you may never regret. In the Tempe area, having your home at the right temperature all the time is almost a requirement, so you might as well satisfy it with this unique kind of Tempe central AC system.


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