It’s often assumed that the loneliest major appliance inside a home in Arizona is the furnace. However, the reality is that it can get down-right chilly during the winter months. This is why making sure your Scottsdale Trane furnace is properly maintained and serviced before the cold air arrives is critical – not only to ensure the system works when you need it, but to save you tons of money in unexpected repairs and improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Here are a few tips from the Scottsdale Trane furnace maintenance experts that will help you see the benefits of scheduling a furnace tune-up sooner rather than later. 

First – When Should People get their Unit Ready for Winter?

According to the US Department of Energy, the best time to have a furnace tuned-up and inspected is actually before the cold weather arrives. Many consumer groups like agree that contacting a heating repair company in Scottsdale during off-peak months; like September through October are great times to have the heating system inspected. There are several reasons for this:

  • Supply and Demand: when the heating companies are waiting for people to contact the for those emergency heating system repairs in late November and December, they have ample time to provide proactive maintenance on your furnace in Scottsdale in September and October. If you wait till November, finding a good HVAC contractor can be difficult.
  • More time to find problems and fix them without stress: when you have your furnace tuned up in October, it gives the heating repair company more time to find high quality replacement parts if an issue is apparent. Rushing to get the heating unit fixed only costs the customer more money with rush shipment of hard to find parts. Save money by being proactive about the heating service.
  • A great opportunity to inspect the entire HVAC system: one of the leading causes of furnace and heating system inefficiency are leaks that are found in the ductwork. During routine furnace inspections, many heating and air conditioning service companies will inspect the ductwork, but might not have time to offer solutions to fix these problems.

Second – What Would be Included in the Inspection?

A typical furnace inspection will include many individual service checks that are designed to examine not just the furnace – but the entire HVAC system to ensure optimal performance when you need it most. During a full service inspection, the heating repair company in Scottsdale will typically conduct an inspection that includes many major components of the furnace including:

  • Calibration of the Thermostat: during the year dust and dirt can get clogged inside your thermostat causing it to fall out of calibration. If this system is bumped, hit or just due to old age – they can also have calibration issues. A professional HVAC technician will inspect the thermostat along with the furnace to ensure they all work together well.
  • Check all mechanical parts: A furnace is comprised of several mechanical parts that all work together to keep you warm. During professional home heating tune-ups, the contractor will examine all of these moving parts, make sure they are properly tightened, lubricated and that there is no damage to the parts. If damage is found, they will notify you immediately before making repairs.
  • Safety Inspection: After checking all of the moving parts, the next step is to examine the entire furnace system for any leaks or other issues that can cause safety concerns. Many home owners experience devastating fires caused by furnaces that have been improperly maintained. By taking time to inspect the system annually, before it’s operated in the winter – this problem can be drastically reduced.

Whether you have a Trane furnace system or any other heating unit, the time is right now to contact your local Scottsdale heating repair and service company to have your heating system inspected, repaired or serviced. Be proactive about your heating maintenance and you’ll reap the benefits.


Is it time for your Trane furnace to get inspected with winter just around the corner? Call Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling to get your furnace inspected, repaired or services. Call 480-359-7141 today! 

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