A well-maintained AC system can last anywhere between 12 and 17 years.

If you suspect that yours is nearing its end, then you may as well prepare for a replacement.

During the replacement phase, there are certain AC replacement mistakes you may fall victim to.

This is what we want to avoid and save you all the trouble. In our post, we’ll discuss every mistake you should be wary of and advise you on the best way to avoid them.

This information will make a new installation much more seamless, and you will be a happy homeowner in no time at all.

Read on to learn more.

Not Having a Maintenance Check First

It’s understandable that you have been hearing unusual noises. Or your temperature doesn’t match that on the thermostat, and you want to throw in the towel.

The thing is, a new AC system is not always the solution.

It’s a given that a new system will offer you the latest cooling technology and peak performance.

However, it may be that all your current AC system needs is a maintenance check and a few minor HVAC repairs to get back to an optimum functioning level.

While you may be trying to save on any AC repairs that may not work, a maintenance check will be relatively inexpensive, and the contractor can offer a diagnosis, and it could be a simple fix.

A well-serviced AC system may help you avoid a premature and otherwise expensive replacement.

Still, consider your system’s age, the cost of repairs, and the possibility of breaking down again before you make a final decision.

Putting Off the HVAC Replacement

One of the most common AC replacement mistakes most homeowners make is being in denial.

They hear all the noises, their energy bills are shooting through the roof, and different zones in the house have different temperatures.

All these are signs that the AC system is now working to its full capacity and needs either repairs or a replacement.

Avoid making the mistake that the AC is still okay simply because it’s still running. It could be costing a whole lot more to run it than to replace it in terms of money, energy, and comfort. You risk having the AC break down before you have an HVAC replacement.

The best course of action here is to get a quick diagnosis from an AC professional.

They’ll help you understand if it’s salvageable or it has come to the end of its life span.

Rushing Through the Replacement Process

An air conditioner is one of those appliances you don’t want to live without.

For this reason alone, you could be rushing to get the new system as soon as possible before the current one breaks down.

However, rushing through it all means you could make several AC replacement mistakes that may end up being quite costly.

To begin with, you may purchase the wrong system. A lot of AC systems out there look high-tech and shiny but end up costing a lot more to maintain in the long run.

You need to do in-depth research before finally settling on a machine. You could also hire unqualified AC installers and risk low-quality services.

You need to take your time, ask a ton of questions and hire the best possible Phoenix AC replacement company.

This process will not only ensure you have the best system but quality installation that will last years without problems.

Buying the Wrong Size AC System

This one is also among the most common AC replacement mistakes people make.

You see, you have to purchase the right size for your home. Otherwise, it’ll be expensive for nothing and a major headache for you in the long run.

An AC system needs to match the number of cubic feet in your home.

The problem with getting a smaller unit is that it’ll have to overwork to meet your needs.

Overworking the AC means the struggle to meet the thermometer demands will wear it out too fast, and soon you’ll be dealing with repairs.

On the other hand, a larger AC system will keep shutting down once it meets your needs, which will also wear it out too fast.

All that switching on and off will make it unreliable over time, and you’ll also have to deal with repairs and, eventually, a premature replacement.

You can check the size of your current system and match it, or ask a Phoenix AC replacement professional.

Overspending or Underspending on Your New AC System

Once you establish that AC replacement is the best course of action, you need to find a suitable machine.

The trick here is to set a budget for the right sized system to avoid over or underspending.

The cheapest system in the market would be a bad idea because, after all, you get what you pay for.

Buying cheap will cost more in the long run.

The most expensive one doesn’t necessarily equal good either. Some brands are too expensive but offer the same services, which may be unnecessary.

As long as you find one with all the features you desire, try to be reasonable with the price.

When shopping, be wary of phony offers and big discounts that seem too good to be true. It may not have to cost you an arm and a leg, but the best system and quality installation will cost a significant amount.

Failing to Research Different Types of AC Systems

There are many different types of AC systems in the market, and among the common AC replacement mistakes is the failure to do thorough research.

You need to weigh your option when choosing different options, like ductless systems or geothermal systems.

Make a comprehensive comparison, or have a Phoenix AC replacement professional help you understand which option will work best for your home.

Picking the Wrong Phoenix AC Replacement Company

Picking the right AC system is the first process. Now you need to research and find the most reliable AC replacement company in Phoenix.

Take your time, ask the right questions, and shop for estimates before you finally settle.

Check their background and ask to see their license and insurance papers.

Inquire how long they have been in business and check out their online customer reviews and testimonials.

Ask for referrals as well so you can talk to one or two past clients to inquire how professional the company was during their installation process.

Hire a company not solely based on costs, but quality services, professionalism, and trustworthiness.

Avoid AC Replacement Mistakes

This is how you avoid these AC replacement mistakes.

They are many, and some could end up being very expensive, so be careful.

The most important part of the process is hiring the right Phoenix AC replacement company.

That said, our company offers quality and specialized services for all our esteemed customers in Phoenix.

If you want an AC diagnosis, repairs, or replacement, please give us a call today, and we’ll be more than glad to help.

Our professionals are knowledgeable, skilled, trustworthy, and downright friendly.


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