Air Conditioning is vital during the dog days of summer or all year round in warmer climates. Many air conditioning units serve dual functions and also work as humidifiers. These functions require a special switch to help them move between these duties. In this article, we will explain the benefits of HVAC safety float switch installation.

What is the Purpose of an HVAC Safety Float Switch Installation?

Air conditioners are machines that use the phase conversion process to operate. In the phase conversion process, one substance changes into another substance. Air conditioners convert liquid to gas, and they use the gas to cool buildings. The air conditioner absorbs the heat in the atmosphere and removes the moisture. The evaporator coils remove moisture through refrigerant compounds built into the coils of the air conditioner. Condensation occurs as the moisture evaporates within the conditioner. To remove this moisture, a drain pipe is connected to the unit to siphon out the water collected in the unit. The drain pipe is connected to a pan that holds the water before it gets drained.

Sometimes, the drain pipe does not work properly. It may become clogged with dirt and debris causing it to no longer remove the water effectively. A safety float switch prevents the drain pan in the unit from overflowing when the AC unit quits working properly.

Reduce Water Damage

The safety switch uses a built-in microscopic plug to deactivate the compressor unit. The compressor controls the condensation process in the air conditioner. The tiny plug floats when the drainage pipe is collecting too much moisture, and the plug signals the deactivation process.

By using a safety float switch, you prevent water damage on your property. The debris collected in the pipe can cause it to leak or burst which will cause deterioration of the pipe, walls and your air conditioning unit.

The Danger of Mold Growth

Any area that collects moisture is susceptible to mold growth. Air conditioning units are no exception to the rule. Microbial spores can gather and grow in the drainage pipe or pan and spread to other areas, including the wall. Not only is mold unattractive to look at, but it’s also a safety hazard. Mold removal is another problem that you may have to deal with if you have a leaky AC unit. A safety float switch will eliminate the possibility of this happening.

Save Money by Preventing Damage

Water Damage is a major concern of air conditioning units. A moldy or leaky drainage pipe or pan can break down your unit causing major structural damage. Water can leak into your wall, destroying your air conditioner and the wall itself. To prevent water leaking from the AC unit, install a safety float switch. You will save yourself lots of money in the long run.

Safety switch installation is also fairly inexpensive and simple to activate. A round gauge triggers the switch. It is an easy, cost-effective way to maximize the life and efficiency of your AC unit. Moreover, Tempe Arizona HVAC installation technicians are available to assist you with the installation.


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