No more humidity problems or malfunctioning AC in your house now that you have gotten your new central AC installed? Now that your central air conditioner is installed and running correctly, you should hear back from your technician soon in regards to how the system is operating. Some things you can expect from your AC unit installation follow-up are checking if there are any issues with your new installation, scheduling a maintenance check for a few months after the initial follow-up, and a short survey of your experience.

Are There Any Issues with Your New Installation?

Your follow-up with your Tempe Arizona AC installation technician is a perfect opportunity to discuss anything that is not functioning properly in regards to your unit. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions that you might have concerns about even if you are just curious. If you feel that your house temperature is off after the installation, that is something that you should mention to your technician.

Keeping an eye on your condensation line and making sure that it is dripping and functioning properly is another thing that you can check on before your technician arrives. It is not uncommon for techs to forget to check on the condensation line. This article from details some common air conditioner problems: Common Air Conditioner Problems.

Schedule a Maintenance Check for a Few Months After the Initial Follow-Up

Something that will also happen during your initial installation follow-up will be scheduling a maintenance check to take place a few months after the visit. Some of the items that should be looked at during your maintenance check are to inspect the unit for proper refrigerant levels and adjust if necessary, an inspection of the base pan, coils, and the fan.

While your technician is present at your home, there is a chance that they will also check your air filter to ensure that it is doing its job correctly and that it isn’t overly dirty. Yes, the job of the air filter is to catch dirt, debris, and other nonsense, but between installation and the first follow-up, there shouldn’t be that many problems.

A Short Survey of the Service

At the end of your AC unit installation follow-up, you will most likely have the opportunity to share your feedback with the company you worked with. During this time, it is best to voice all of the good and bad things that you experienced through the installation process. This will help future patrons decide whom to do business with when they need an AC unit installed.

This process will help improve any problems that the company may have had, and most importantly let them know the things they have done correctly. Honesty solves problems and provides results. There is a chance that there will be a general questionnaire received with questions that go out to any and all clients they have serviced. However, if there are things that you need to discuss about your experience, your customer survey will be the perfect opportunity.


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