After two long months, the monsoon season in Arizona is almost at an end. While this extremely wet time of year has its advantages, the prolonged, often intense rains can have serious effects on your home, including air conditioning units. Although a/c units are specifically designed to withstand the stresses of life outdoors, monsoon season is a different beast from the typical Arizona weather, and once the season is over it’s likely that your unit needs a little dedicated attention to restore normal function. Fortunately, with a little patience and some help from a/c experts, it’s not as hard as you might think to bring your a/c unit back up to speed after an intense season.

Keep reading to learn about what’s next for your a/c unit after the long AZ monsoon season and how you can get maintenance help.

Make Sure Your Unit Isn’t Damaged

Once the Arizona summer monsoons have passed, it’s normal to take stock of the long-term damage to your property. The intense wind and rains associated with monsoons can have serious effects on basically every area of your home, and this includes your a/c unit. When you’re examining your home for monsoon-related damage, make sure to include your air conditioner in this process. First, check your unit for any noticeable cosmetic damage, such as to the vents or fan blades. If everything is in order on the exterior of your unit, it’s time to take a look at the inside.

Ensure that all of the wiring and piping is still firmly connected and in working order. Finally, look for any excess moisture within your unit, which is extremely likely following monsoon season.

Remove Any Debris from Around Your Unit

Other than the rain, one of the biggest threats during monsoon season are extreme winds, which can cause serious damage, particularly to trees. Debris that’s often associated with monsoons can seriously interfere with the normal functioning of your AC unit, and removing this debris should be your next step in checking your air conditioner after monsoon seasons has ended. In addition to removing an debris from on top of your unit, make sure that the area directly surrounding your air conditioner is also clear.

After clearing the debris on and around your unit, you should again check the interior, paying special attention to clean AC coils of any debris—a clogged coil is one of the main sources of unit malfunctioning and is a large concern after an AZ monsoon season. Dirt and debris can also be a major factor in contributing to indoor allergens in the home.

Schedule a Maintenance Check from A/C Professionals

One of the best things to do to ensure that your air conditioning unit is properly functioning following monsoon season is to schedule regular maintenance. Air conditioning maintenance is important throughout the year, but is especially crucial following an extreme event like monsoon season. Arizona HVAC maintenance specialists can fully examine your unit for any damage you might have missed in your initial check, giving you repair recommendations and advice for returning your system to its normal functioning. After your maintenance check is over, your a/c unit should be in great condition, ready for whatever unpredictable weather event that the Arizona climate has in store.


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