honeywell programmable thermostatWhen a homeowner in Scottsdale is in the market for buying a new programmable thermostat, one of the first things they consider in their buying decision is cost. It’s not a shock to anybody that today money is tight. However, when you consider that the newest Honeywell touchscreen thermostat units are extremely cost effective and offer homeowners a plethora of advanced features to make their lives easier – the price considerations go out the window.

Here are four ways that the newest programmable thermostats from Honeywell – especially the touchscreen version; can make life much easier for a homeowner.

First – Honeywell Touchscreen Thermostats have Seven Day Programming

A constant reality of life is that each day represents a new challenge. Whether it’s a revolving work schedule, kids school and activity planning or simply trying to plan a weekend getaway; every day is unique. This is why having a programmable thermostat that offers flexibility in the programming of the device on a seven-day period is a great consumer feature. The Honeywell touchscreen automatic thermostat allows you to program a unique schedule for each day of the week and choose between four different temperature settings in each 24-hour period. Having this type of flexibility in your home temperature and comfort control not only helps you to enhance indoor quality – but also can streamline your energy budget, by keeping the system turned down during off-peak time periods.

Second – Honeywell’s Smart Response Technology

Wouldn’t it be cool if your major appliances could think for you? Well, thanks to Smart Response Technology found in Honeywell’s latest touchscreen thermostats, this is a luxury that becomes a reality. This system actually lets your thermostat learn how long it takes to cool or heat your home to a temperature level that you prefer. For example – let’s say that you like the temperature to be 69 degrees in the morning when you wake up. The smart response technology will permit your system to begin the heating or cooling process at a slower and less energy-consuming rate so that by the time you wake up – your desired temperature setting is achieved.

Third – Convenience of Multiple Power Options

Many of today’ programmable thermostats run receive the electrical power from either hard-wired systems or a battery unit. The Honeywell Programmable thermostats offer both. This new unit will run on batteries and can be installed to use the power from the thermostat plate as well. This means that if there is ever a power outage – the system will maintain operational, all programming will be saved and you won’t have to reset all the programs you’ve established in the past. Plus, it will tell you when your batteries are low and need to be replaced; but also several AC  regulation features like when your filters need to be changed.

Fourth – Multiple Compatibility Features

The Honeywell thermostat also gives homeowners in Scottsdale the luxury of being able to work with multiple cooling and heating systems and brands. This makes it easier to install, to maintain and to operate your home HVAC units efficiently. One of the neatest features that go along with compatibility is the vacation hold system. If you’re planning on heading out on a vacation, the system gives you an option keep your home AC temperature settings at a desired level – for as long as you deem necessary. Once that time period is up – the unit will return back to the normal programming options.

No matter what type of heating or cooling system you might have, the Honeywell touchscreen thermostat is an exceptional device that is cost effective and will provide you with multiple opportunities to enjoy comfortable living.


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