ac repair quote in ScottsdaleMost Scottsdale homeowners simply dread making the phone call to the local AC repair company. Without question, having a broken down air conditioner in the middle of summer can be stressful as well as being a potential health risk. However, this doesn’t mean that you should rush to hire the first AC company listed on your Google search. In fact, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get a solid and honest AC repair quote in Scottsdale that will ensure you can get your cooling system back up in shape quickly and affordably.

First – Work with a Reputable AC Repair Company That Will Answer Your Questions Honestly

If you’re like 78% of Americans, you understand that honesty is the most important attribute when hiring any contractor. Nobody likes to be deceived however, the reality is that several companies thrive on working with unsuspecting people when they are in need. This is why most consumer protection groups, including the Better Business Bureau and suggest that you only work with AC companies that are reputable and regarded as leaders in transparency. There are a few ways you can discover whether or not an AC company in Scottsdale will be honest with you.

  • Check If a company is listed on this website as being reliable – you can trust it to be true.
  • Check with the BBB. If you contact the Scottsdale area BBB, and ask them if a company has any negative information or history – choose somebody else.
  • Check their website. When a company is open about the services they offer publicly; you can feel confident that they operate with the best of intentions.

Second – Get Air Conditioner Repair Quotes Detailed in Writing

The second thing you can do to ensure you’re getting the best deal on AC repairs is to get the quote in writing from any contractor. When a company takes time to document exactly what they intend to do on paper and they stick with this quote – this tells a lot about their integrity. A shady contractor will do everything possible to skirt around writing down price quotes. Only work with a professional that takes time to explain what is included on the price quote and can answer your questions easily about any additional costs.

Third – Ask for AC Repair Referrals from Friends or Neighbors

Word of mouth advertising is the best way to promote a business. This is why some of the best resources you can get about any contractor are through family, friends or neighbors who have needed to hire similar people for issues you are experiencing in the past. Ask them a few specific questions when getting referrals such as:

  • How easy was it to set up an appointment with the AC repair company?
  • How long did it take for them to complete the repairs?
  • Did they provide any warranty or protection plans with their air conditioner repair quotes?
  • Were you satisfied with the end product, their professionalism and is your AC system working today?

These types of AC repair referrals are worth their weight in gold, as it will come from people you know and trust. Take time to consider all three of these tips anytime you are experiencing any troubles with your cooling system and you’ll be better prepared to hire the right person to complete the job correctly – the first time.


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