Homeowners across Carefree have chosen heat pumps to regulate the temperatures in their homes. Heat pumps are some of the most energy-efficient, versatile heating solutions that there are, providing total comfort all year long. However, like any heating system, your heat pump will eventually need maintenance, which means you might be interested in learning how to care for your heat pump in the best way possible.

With the right preparation, you should be able to maintain your heat pump so that it lasts season after season. Learn seven easy heat pump maintenance tips that will help you preserve both your heating system’s health and the constant comfort of your family.

Swap Your Filters

A typical cause of heat pump problems is a lack of airflow within your system. Without unrestricted air flow, your heat pump cannot function at its optimal level. If you notice a lack of heating efficiency, an easy heating pump tune-up tip is to change out your filters. Swapping your old, clogged filters for new ones will increase your home’s airflow and allow your heat pump to run unencumbered.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

If you’re looking for hints for maintaining your heat pump, or looking to solve problems like your heat pump only blowing cold air, then one of your best sources for guidance is your heat pump’s manufacturer. Check your owner’s manual to learn the best ways to care for your heat pump so that your Carefree Arizona home is always at the right temperature.

Deep Clean The Unit

Heating pump repair involves several important tasks, but the one that can be very effective at fixing your unit is deep cleaning your heat pump. Many heat pump problems are caused by blockages that keep its parts from functioning normally. By giving your heat pump a deep clean, you should be able to ensure optimal functioning at all times.

Clear the Area

As mentioned in the previous section, it’s possible for your heat pump to build-up obstructions that interfere with its operation. Because cleaning your heat pump can be difficult, it’s best to prevent these blockages by clearing the area surrounding your heat pump. Remove dirt, debris and other potential hazards to preserve your heat pump and keep it clean.

Check Your Registers

The heating registers in your home guard your vents and prevent debris from entering your heating system. Over time, however, your registers can accumulate dirt and dust that can clog them completely and tax your heat pump. Periodically clean your heating registers to guarantee unimpeded air flow and a fully functioning heat pump.

Examine the Thermostat

Some problems with your heat pump may stem from an issue with your thermostat, especially if the wiring has gone bad or become disconnected. If your heat pump does not respond to your thermostat, check your connections to make sure your system is communicating properly.

Feel Around the Unit

Making sure that your heat pump runs the way you need and deserve is a matter of constant vigilance, which means you need to regularly check that your pump is working correctly. When your heat pump is on, feel around the unit to see if the right level of hot air is coming from your heat pump. If not, then you should be sure to schedule heat pump maintenance in Carefree from a reliable local company.


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