Your home’s furnace is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you own, keeping your family comfortable throughout the coldest months of the year. Because you rely on your furnace so much, it can be very stressful when your heating unit needs repair, especially if you don’t know whether it’s an emergency repair or a routine heating repair.

Luckily, with the right tips, you can easily distinguish between routine and emergency repairs so that you can plan the right course of action. Here are a few tips for residential heating repair and hints for deciding whether you need emergency service or a routine maintenance check.

What to Do if Your Unit Won’t Come On

One of the most frustrating situations that you can face when it comes to your furnace is trying to turn on your unit and getting no response. If your heater won’t turn on no matter what you do, it is almost always an emergency situation that deserves immediate repair. Whether it’s a problem with your electrical system or your furnace itself, a furnace that won’t turn on is a big problem that you shouldn’t ignore.

Your Unit is On, But Only Blows Cold Air

Another common reason that homeowners seek heating repair in Scottsdale is turning on their heating system and having only cold air come from the vents. As with a furnace that won’t turn on, a Scottsdale, Arizona furnace that only blows cold air generally points to a big problem with your unit, warranting emergency furnace repairs. If your furnace only blows cold air, make sure to contact a service expert right away to check your unit for problems.

Pay Attention to Electrical Smells

The first time you turn on your furnace for the winter season, it’s normal to notice smells as your furnace burns of accumulated dirt and dust after months of disuse. However, if you turn on your furnace and detect an electrical burning odor, then you may be facing a serious and possibly dangerous furnace situation.

Electrical burning smells can mean a problem with the wiring of your furnace, which can cause dangerous and deadly fires. If you smell electrical burning, schedule furnace repair in Arizona immediately.

Listen for Odd Noises

A concerning situation for any homeowner is heating an odd noise coming from their furnace. While this can be disconcerting, odd noises from your furnace usually only require routine maintenance. However, because there are several causes for strange furnace noises, fixing a furnace should be left to the professionals to make sure your unit is repaired properly.

Feel for Air Pressure

If you ever notice that your system is performing as well as you’d like, then the culprit may be something very simple — an air leak or an air blockage. When your furnace is on, put your hands next to a vent and feel for the air pressure. If your airflow seems low, check your filters for blockages and your ducts for leaks. These routine maintenance checks should keep your furnace up and running throughout the year.

Schedule a Seasonal Check-Up

As with every important piece of equipment in your home, your furnace needs seasonal maintenance. Although seasonal check-ups can be intimidating if you’ve never scheduled them before, they’re actually quite normal, and are vital part of routine furnace maintenance. Scheduling seasonal check-ups can catch small problems and make sure you don’t need emergency repairs.

If you think you need furnace repairs, whether emergency routine, you need contact a Scottsdale residential heating repair company to handle the job. Working with the right repair company will make sure your home and your family are completely comfortable.


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