The hot summer weather is now upon us in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

That means air conditioners are up and running, and you may be noticing something odd about your unit.

Is your air conditioner running constantly? Then you might have a problem.

Air conditioners should be able to cool your home in a quick and efficient manner.

If they are running all the time, it is a sign that something is preventing them from doing their job.

Here are five common reasons why your air conditioners running constantly.

1. It is Too Small

Air conditioning units come in big and small sizes.

It is important that the size of your AC corresponds with the square footage of your home.

If your air conditioning unit is too small, it will not be able to cool off your entire house.

As a result, it will run all the time. It is trying to keep up with the heat and keep your house cool.

Some people don’t mind the sound of their AC running constantly.

But if that is the case, you need to consider the long-term implications of having an air conditioner that is too small.

Your AC will break if it is forced to run all the time.

If you don’t want to end up with a broken air conditioner in the hot months of a Phoenix summer, you should make sure your AC is the right size for your home.

If you do not know how to tell, contact us and we can help you.

2. You Have Air Leaks

If your home is sealed, the AC can cool your house off after a cycle or two.

But if the cool air is escaping to the outside, your AC keeps running in order to keep up.

This cycle will continue as long as these leaks persist.

The solution is to find the leaks and plug them up.

They normally occur near your doors and windows.

Hold your hand an inch from your door frame and move your hand around the perimeter.

Make a note of anywhere you notice the feeling of air against your palm.

Do the same with all of your other doors and your windows.

You may need to call someone to help you refit your door if that is where you are experiencing leaks.

But air leaks in your windows are easy to fix on your own.

Caulk the window frame in the problem areas to prevent air from escaping.

And of course, make sure to keep windows and doors closed whenever the AC is on.

This will prevent cool air from escaping.

3. Your Air Filter is Dirty

If your AC unit is running all the time, it is possible that your air filter needs to be replaced.

You either have washable air filters in your HVAC system or replaceable ones.

To find out, remove the access panel and take out the filter.

For washable filters, rinse them in the sink or use a vacuum to remove the debris.

Make sure they are dry before you replace them.

If they are replaceable, make sure you buy replacements that are the right size for your HVAC system.

Experts recommend that you replace or clean your air filter at least every ninety days.

You may find you need to do it even more during months of high use.

Because of this frequency, the air filter should be one of the first things you check when you start air conditioner troubleshooting.

For other routine HVAC maintenance tips, click here.

This is because if the filter gets dirty, your unit cannot process air very well.

Your AC will have to work harder and will run constantly just to keep up.

4. Your Condenser Coils Are Dirty

Your AC might be running all the time because your condenser coils are dirty.

Condenser coils are made of copper, and their job is to hold refrigerant in its liquid form.

Dirty condenser coils can lead to your AC running inefficiently and staying on constantly.

You can prevent debris and dirt from getting onto the condenser coils of your outdoor unit by maintaining your yard.

Keep the grass trimmed, bushes pruned, and always clear away debris after wind events.

But if your condenser coils need to be cleaned and you need some assistance, Phoenix HVAC services like us can help you.

5. It is Too Old

It happens to every system at some point. Your HVAC unit will become too old to function.

This results in your AC running on a neverending loop to try and keep your house cool.

When this happens, you need to replace your air conditioning unit.

You may feel hesitant to spend the money, but replacing an inefficient air conditioner will save you money in the long run.

When your air conditioner is always on, you will notice it in your energy bills.

Inefficient AC units waste energy, and they also waste your money.

There is no reason to keep paying too much for an old AC that isn’t doing its job.

Upgrade your system and see better results.

Is Your Air Conditioner Running Constantly? Not Anymore

Are you tired of your air conditioner running constantly?

It is a sure sign that your system has a problem.

In the hot climate of the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, having an inefficient AC unit is NOT an option.

Use the above list to troubleshoot your problem, and then reach out to our team at Scottsdale Air for additional help!


Time for a cooling system replacement? We can help! Contact the Surprisingly Affordable HVAC experts at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling to get more information here: 480-359-7141 OR you can request service online here.

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