Experts estimate that the average air conditioner lasts up to 20 years.

That estimate seems more plausible for temperate locations like Illinois where you let your AC rest for months at a time.

Arizona is a different story.

Here in the land of everlasting sun, your AC will run a solid 10 months a year if not more.

Air conditioning isn’t an option, but rather a necessity.

As a result, your AC won’t last as long.

If your HVAC unit is showing its wear and tear, blowing warmish air, or just aging quickly, prepare yourself for one of the most expensive appliances you’ll need in your home.

Keep reading to learn about the typical air conditioner replacement cost and what factors contribute to this expense.

Air Conditioner Replacement Cost

When you replace your air conditioner, plan on spending between $3,500 and up to $12,000.

The cost varies greatly because of several factors.

House Size

Experts recommend purchasing an AC that works best for your square footage.

You will need 0.0016 tons of AC per square foot.

Thus, you need approximately 1 ton of AC for every 600 square feet.

You should consider other elements of your home as well.

For example, if you have vaulted or high ceilings, then you may need a higher capacity AC than if you have a lower ceiling home.

SEER Rating

The SEER rating of your unit will also affect your Phoenix air conditioner replacement cost.

SEER is the acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

Experts determine the SEER rating by dividing the cooling output of an AC over a typical season by the energy the unit uses in watt-hours.

The final ratio is your SEER rating.

SEER ratings vary from 13 to 27.

However, the U.S. government now requires air conditioning units to have a minimum of a 14 SEER rating in Arizona and other parts of the southwest United States.

To better understand SEER ratings, think of the number like gas mileage.

The higher the rating, the more cooling you’re getting from each dollar you spend on energy.

Extra Work

Your home may need more than just an HVAC unit.

When you notice your air conditioner beginning to fail, call the experts in Phoenix HVAC services.

A Phoenix air conditioner replacement company will visit your home and inspect your entire unit.

The inspection should include a careful look at your ductwork.

Your problem may end up not being the air conditioner at all but rather faulty ductwork.

If your ductwork is leaking, then your air conditioner is having to work harder than necessary to cool your home.

Ducts typically last 10 to 15 years, so if your ductwork is as old as your aging air conditioner, you may need an entirely new HVAC system with ducts.

You can do a bit of pre-inspection before the HVAC experts arrive.

Look for air movement and blatant holes.

Keep an eye out for signs of rodents that may have caused problems.

Replacing your ductwork or just resealing your ductwork will help your HVAC system do its job well.

It can pump the cold air where it needs to go without the air escaping to unwanted parts of the home.

Cost-Savings Options

While the HVAC unit and installation will cost you thousands of dollars, the type of unit you choose may end up saving you money in the end.

The higher the SEER rating on your unit, the more you can expect to save down the road.

When you live in a smoking hot place like Phoenix where you know you’ll be running your AC for months on end, this monthly savings adds up quickly.

Some utility companies even offer rebates when you purchase high-efficiency appliances, including your HVAC unit.

Few appliances run 24 hours a day.

But on the 100-plus degree days in Phoenix, you can expect to run your HVAC unit constantly.

So as you do this, imagine yourself spending less money for each hour that your AC runs.

When you’re pricing your HVAC unit, take cost-savings options into account.

What About Self Installation?

Your AC unit is a part of your overall cost.

Installation costs take up a chunk of this final total.

If you’re attempting to cut corners, you might be tempted to see if you can install the AC yourself.

You may even reason that you just have to hook up a couple of wires or plug something in.

Truthfully, one of the biggest AC replacement mistakes you can make is trying to install the unit yourself.

Individuals go to school for years to learn how to install and maintain HVAC units.

An HVAC unit will cost you thousands of dollars.

If you attempt to install it yourself, you run the risk of damaging the unit.

You also may make mistakes in the installation process and end up creating a health hazard for your home.

Furthermore, you run the risk of injuring yourself.

HVAC units are heavy, and you need a serviceman with specialized equipment to lift the unit and install it properly.

Do not attempt HVAC replacement in Phoenix alone.

Stay Calm, Stay Cool

A basic air conditioner replacement cost will run you between $3,500 and up to $12,000 for the biggest residential units.

Your home size, energy efficiency rating, and overall job requirements will determine the price.

You don’t need to fret over the hot days of summer that are coming up.

Call an HVAC expert in Phoenix AZ today to evaluate your HVAC system and ductwork.

We have these experts on staff.

Our servicemen have the best training available for HVAC inspection and installation.

Contact the team at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling today for an estimate on the cost of replacing your HVAC or air conditioner.


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