hvac load calculationsOne of the most important steps to complete when purchasing any new AC or heating units is the process ‘load calculations’. No matter what size of house you live in – or business office you work, making sure you have the right AC or heating unit to keep it at a comfortable temperature is extremely important. And this is why virtually every home or business owner that replaces any HVAC unit will have HVAC load calculations completed prior to installing any device.

HVAC load calculations are performed by professional HVAC installation experts, using advanced mathematics and computer programs to determine several HVAC fitting requirements. Most HVAC companies rely on old school ‘rules of thumb’ to determine the right sized unit for any property, including the simple equation that exists today – for every 500 square feet of conditioned floor area they’d need one ton of air.

But, as technology has improved, and AC units have become much more energy efficient, the process of creating effective load calculations has become much easier. In fact, it’s more common these days for professional HVAC installation companies to use advanced computer technology to determine the perfect sized unit for your property.

The Truth About HVAC Load Calculations

The reason that this is important in today’s home and business world to ensure proper HVAC load calculations for cooling include:

  • It’s critical to find the perfect sized unit for any individual building. Just like fitting carpet, or any other item inside a house, the measurements and structure of every property is unique. Just because two homes might have the same square footage does not mean that they would always use the same HVAC System. Load calculations take several elements into equation including, how many rooms, where windows face, the direction the house sits and other things that most people would never consider.
  • If you install a unit that’s too big – it’s going to cost you in the long run. When people don’t use load calculations and install a unit that’s too large for the property, the net result is that the unit will have to turn on and off much more frequently – causing premature wear and tear to occur.
  • Using load calculations maximizes energy efficiency. When professional HVAC companies use the right load calculation to determine the perfect sized unit, the net result they are searching for is the most efficient unit possible. This will help drive your monthly energy bills down significantly.

Another common reason why it’s important to use proper load calculations is to keep your unit cost and installation process as affordable as possible. Load calculations also take into consideration the duct work of your home. Just because an AC unit might be the right size for your home – if the ductwork does not fit that unit, it will basically waste your money.

The key thing to remember is that HVAC load calculations are a simple equation to this process – that must be conducted in order to find the right sized unit for your home or office. Always make sure that before you buy any replacement unit that HVAC load calculations are performed by a professional HVAC installation company.

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