the right programable thermostat The latest rage in home heating and cooling for Scottsdale residents is installing new programmable thermostats. A common reality is that thermostats will, over a period of time, wear out. Whether it’s due to frequent use, or simple wear and tear that every electronic item undergoes, the fact is that at some point you’ll have to replace your home’s thermostat. But with so many on the market to choose from, how and where do you start to find one that is both functional and user friendly?

Three Tips For Selecting A Great Programmable Thermostat For Your Scottsdale Home

Tip #1 – Determine What Type Of HVAC System You Have

The first thing you need to determine before you start shopping for any programmable thermostat is what type of system it will power. For example – if you have separate heater and air conditioning units, you’ll need to find a thermostat that can function for two individual units. On the other hand, if your HVAC system is an all-in-one that both heats and cools, like a heat pump system for example, then you’ll need to buy a thermostat that works for those specific systems. You’ll be surprised to learn that not every thermostat is functional for every type of heating or cooling system – so start by determining what type of system you have. This will make your search for the right programmable thermostat much easier.

Tip #2 – Consider The Honeywell 8000

One of the best all-purpose thermostats on the market today is the Honeywell All-Vision Pro 8000 model, designed to work for both residential and commercial applications. This programmable thermostat is engineered to operate both functionally and also be extremely easy to use for most Arizona residents. Some of the unique features of the Honeywell 8000 programmable thermostat include:

  • The unit has a 7-day programmable program so you can set the temperature for your home for each specific day of the week
  • It is dual-powered system that can be hard-wired or battery powered. This is a great feature to have especially if you live in an area with frequent power outages.
  • System has Smart Scheduler – allowing even the novice home thermostat owner to program the system in seconds for virtually any lifestyle
  • The Honeywell 8000 controls humidification, ventilation and dehumidification
  • The thermostat can link with multiple heating and cooling systems
  • Extremely easy to use with a Plain Language set-up program; no manual needed for installation

Tip #3 – Always Consider Functionality Over Looks

The most important tip we can offer about choosing any programmable thermostat is to consider function and usability over fashion. There are many new, cool looking programmable thermostats on the market – some of them with unique Wi-Fi connectivity and programming features that allow you to access your homes heating from any remote location. But, if you don’t have a smart phone or simply don’t use that technology well – why buy it?

Any thermostat you purchase should be about one thing – and one thing only: heating or cooling your home efficiently. When it comes to buying any programmable thermostat, always defer to function over fashion. If you’re not comfortable installing and testing your new thermostat you’ll want to call a professional to help you instal your new thermostat and make sure it’s properly calibrated and working to your liking.


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