Planned HVAC Replacement in AZWe rely on our HVAC system to keep the home cool and comfortable.

Especially in a state such as Arizona; the state has unique weather conditions, such as extremely hot summers and intensely dry weather. This is why you should always know when to replace your system.

If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old, it’s time to consider a replacement.

But should you plan your HVAC replacement in advance or wait until an emergency strikes for a replacement? If you have an aging HVAC system, you should prepare for your next move.

Here are the pros and cons of a planned HVAC replacement.

The Benefits of Planned HVAC Replacement

There are situations when planning your HVAC replacement makes sense. Here are a few reasons why.

You Can Get Your Replacement During the Off-Season

Arizona faces extremely hot summer weather and every homeowner wants to ensure their AC is working during these brutal months. Why wait to replace your AC unit until the weather is hot or when there is an emergency?

Replacing the AC unit during the off-season ensures the replacement unit is working when the hot weather rolls around.

Off-season installation is also easier on the professionals. When the weather is extremely hot, the professionals can only stay in the attic for about 15 minutes at a time.

If you plan your replacement for the cooler weather months, they can stay in the attic comfortably installing your HVAC system.

Your Installation Will Be Faster

This last point also proves a planned HVAC installation is faster than an emergency installation.

If you wait until your AC unit breaks in the summer, the heat will force the professionals to work little at a time and the installation process will be more difficult for them.

If you plan your HVAC installation in the cooler months, the professionals can work faster and more efficiently in comfortable conditions.

If you hold off HVAC replacement until an emergency occurs, especially in the summer, there may be a chance when your replacement will be delayed.

This is a busy season for HVAC professionals and you may have to wait to install your new system.

Control Costs

Planning in advance can also save you money and control the installation costs.

Time-consuming installations with challenging weather conditions can increase the cost of your installation. This is why HVAC replacement is more affordable during the off-season months, specifically in the spring and fall months.

When You Can Save Your HVAC Replacement for Later

Not every homeowner needs to replace their HVAC system now. Here are some signs you can hold off on replacing your AC unit.

Your AC Unit Has No Problems

It’s best to judge your replacement by the age of your AC unit. But if your AC system is newer and has no problems, it’s best to hold off until you know your HVAC system needs a replacement.

If your system is newer and is experiencing problems, you probably need some repairs. It’s also best you undergo regular maintenance and only replace your system early if your HVAC maintenance company recommends it.

You’re Not Sure of Your HVAC System’s Age

What if you’re not sure about your HVAC system’s age but the unit is experiencing no problems?

First, you can easily discover your HVAC unit’s age by looking at the nameplate. Even if your AC unit reaches 10 years old, you don’t need to immediately replace it.

It is crucial you undergo regular maintenance and replace your system when the HVAC maintenance company recommends it.

You Haven’t Budgeted for an HVAC Replacement

Planning your HVAC replacement in advance can save you money.

But if you would rather save for your HVAC replacement, ask your HVAC installation company if you can hold off on your replacement and when you can schedule your appointment.

Keep in mind, if money is your concern, many HVAC installation companies offer specials and rebates to help you save.

You’re Moving

Replacing your AC unit can provide many benefits when selling your home.

But if you would rather not invest a lot of money into your old home, you can skip the HVAC replacement. It’s still important to inform the prospective home buyers about the old HVAC system and that it will probably need to be replaced.

Steps Involved in a Planned HVAC Replacement

Did you decide to plan your HVAC replacement? Here are the crucial steps to take during HVAC replacement.

Evaluate Your AC Unit’s Current Condition

You should provide as much information about your current AC unit to the HVAC installers. This includes the system’s age, any problems you’re having, and any recent repairs or maintenance you had.

You’ll also want to identify the environmental conditions. The installers will be spending a long time in your attic. Ensure it’s cool and comfortable enough in the attic for them to install your new system.

Have a Consultation With the HVAC Installers

Use this information during your HVAC replacement consultation. The installers will use this information to determine how long the installation will take and may provide a quote.

If you’re unsure which replacement system you want, they can also recommend a few makes and models.

From here, you schedule the installation appointment.

The Replacement Process

Even if you schedule the replacement during the off-season, there are still a few steps involved with HVAC replacement. First, the installers will have to do the changeout. The next step is to work on the ductwork.

The installers may want to take extra time to check the air balance and other airflow concerns before they finish the replacement.

Do You Need to Replace Your HVAC Unit in Arizona?

Do you need to replace your HVAC unit? Planned HVAC replacement is usually the best decision for homeowners over emergency HVAC replacement.

But not all homeowners need a new HVAC system. Identify these pros and cons and know what to expect during HVAC replacement.

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