Heat pumps use 50% less energy than traditional heating methods. Trane heat pumps are backed by the industry-leading customer satisfaction of Trane. Trane heat pumps aren’t just for heating.

A heat pump can help cool your house as well. They do this by transferring cool air from the outside into your house. Even during the hottest day, a heat pump will pump the heat out of your house.

Heat pumps are game-changing technology that is both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. In this article, we’ll explore what the best Trane heat pump is for your home.

Why a Trane?

Trane has received multiple awards for being among the finest manufacturers of HVAC systems in the world. Whether you are buying a heat pump or another type of HVAC system, you can always trust Trane.

Trane is an innovator in HVAC technologies. Trane heat pumps are no different. Since the company was founded in 1885, it has been awarded multiple patents for innovative designs.

Today that trend continues. Buying a Trane heat pump means you’re getting the best heat pump available on the market. Trane is celebrated for its warranty and customer service and only partners with the best service providers.

Why a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are highly efficient methods of heating and cooling a home. Instead of having a furnace and an air conditioner, you only need one heat pump.

Heat pumps work by moving heat instead of generating it. This means that heat pumps move heat into the house in winter, and out of the house in summer.

By operating like this, a heat pump doesn’t need to use up a lot of electricity. Heat pumps don’t generate heat on their own, they use what’s available already in the environment.

Operating costs are lower than traditional HVAC systems. You save every month you use a heat pump. They are also better for the environment because they don’t require energy nor use dangerous refrigerants.

Now that you know why you should consider a heat pump, take a look at how heat pumps work. Which model of Trane heat pumps is right for you?

Types of Trane Heat Pump

Trane offers several models of heat pumps that you should consider.

The first consideration is the size of the system you want to install. The size of the space you’re trying to heat and cool will determine the size of your heat pump. Make sure to look at the specifications of each heat pump to see the BTU and comparable size of the model. Choosing the best Trane heat pump will depend on your unique home set up.

Each type of Trane heat pump has several different models. Each model has different heating and cooling capabilities.

As a general rule, you will need at least 1 ton per 600 square feet. This will ensure that you can heat and cool your home without overworking the unit.

Next, notice how many of the Trane heat pumps are energy star rated. Unlike some other companies, you don’t have to limit your choices if you want an energy-efficient unit.


If you take a look at the XV19, it’s a unit that was rated as the Most Efficient of 2019 by Energy Star. No matter which model you pick, they are quiet and have adjustable heating and cooling options to keep your home within ½ degree of what you want.


Another popular type is the XR15. You can get the XR15 in a lot of different sizes to directly match up to your needs. These units are durable and have a high value. They pay for themselves in no time at all.


The XV20i is another heat pump that scored as the Most Efficient of 2019. These heat pumps feature incredible customization with variable fan speeds and low sound output.

Whichever model you go for, remember that having a Trane heat pump means having the best. Any type of heat pump noted for having variable speed offers interesting options.

XV18 Variable Speed

Take the XV18 Variable Speed as an example of this. All variable speed models adjust both the fan speed and the BTU output to ensure your home stays comfortable in the winter and the summer.

You can sync this unit up to matching indoor units. This system will operate itself to maintain exactly what you want as efficiently as possible. Any Trane heat pump with the ComfortLink II system can do this.

Technology Leading the Way

Being able to link your units together and operate them to peak efficiency is just one example of how technology pairs with Trane heat pumps. Another example is the components inside the heat pump.

Trane heat pumps are built with durability in mind. Rugged and efficient construction means that you’ll spend less on repairs. Your Trane unit will last longer than a standard furnace, saving you big on cash.

Trane heat pumps benefit from the same innovation that has made Trane HVAC systems popular for a century. Trane continues to develop cutting edge HVAC technology that is reflected in the capabilities of their heat pumps.

All About Your Needs

Heat pumps do not have to be the only HVAC system you employ. In Arizona, the temperature can soar during the summer. If you already have an HVAC system but aren’t satisfied with its output, add a heat pump.

During the winter, your heat pump may end up far outperforming your furnace. Trane heat pumps function at peak efficiency even in below-freezing temperatures.

Though the Phoenix area has extreme winters and summers that routinely kill HVAC systems, a heat pump can function with no problem. No matter what temperature it is outside, remember that there is always heat that can be transferred with the help of a heat pump.

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