Lennox Ultra Comfort System

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One of the hottest new cooling products introduced for Arizona homes is the Lennox Ultra comfort System – a revolutionary new way to streamline the indoor cooling process; without compromising energy efficiency or cost. Like any new cooling system, the Lennox Ultra Comfort System will be highly debated about whether or not their claims are factual and if these units are best suited for home owners in Scottsdale.

To answer these questions, here are some facts about the Lennox Ultra Comfort System that will help us determine if this system is a good fit for Scottsdale area homes.

Fact #1 – The Lennox Ultra Comfort System is Detail Heavy

Many of today’s cooling units are designed to keep a home cool through use of simplified details. For example:

Conventional AC Units typically operate with a single speed / single capacity setting. This means that when the system is turned on; it’s on all the way or shut off all the way. This tends to create temperature swings in-between cooling cycles. However, the Lennox Ultra Comfort Systems is engineered with Precise Comfort™ technology. This type of unit utilizes variable speed airflow, combined with variable capacity cooling and heating – and keeps the temperature inside your home precisely where you set the temperature controls.

Essentially, the Lennox Ultra Comfort System works like a heat pump – but without the expensive cost to install or maintain them. So, is this type of unit a great fit for Scottsdale homes – in one word; yes.

Fact #2 – The Lennox Ultra Comfort System is Exceptionally Energy Efficient

When home owners in Scottsdale are looking for a new cooling system to use, one of the biggest attributes they search for is energy efficiency. Another common fact is that the largest consumer of energy for cooling systems is units that have to turn on and off frequently. This is what often drives home owners to buying heat pump units  designed to circulate with low energy usage around the clock to maintain a consistent temperature. The Lennox Ultra Comfort System does this as well. In fact, it’s the first central air conditioning system designed with this feature.

And since most Scottsdale home owners look for ways to conserve energy – without reducing comfort, the Lennox Ultra Comfort System is a great solution to consider.

Fact #3 – The Lennox Ultra Comfort Systems Keeps Indoor Air Quality High

Another common goal that home owners in Scottsdale hope to achieve with any comfort system is improving indoor air quality. Although perfectly cooled air feels great, the fact is that it often takes multiple systems to ensure that air is clean and set with the perfect humidity levels to reduce the spread of airborne bacteria. The Lennox Ultra Comfort System is engineered to accomplish this for home owners in Scottsdale. The PureAir™ system integrated into the Ultra Comfort System is similar to the advanced commercial cooling systems that are used in hospital surgical rooms. This ensures the air in your home is as cean as possible.

When you sit back and examine the facts about the Lennox Ultra Comfort System, it is clearly obvious that this revolutionary system is perfect for home owners in Scottsdale. To learn more about the Lennox Ultra Comfort System, contact your local HVAC Lennox Authorized Distributor in Scottsdale.



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