AC Compressor Replacement TempeIt is very important to check your work, especially the service provided by professional HVAC contractors. Whether or not you know anything about air conditioning systems, one of the best ways to protect yourself from bad repair jobs is to verify facts. And in the air conditioning industry, knowing some facts about one of the leading causes of AC failure can save you money in the long run. Therefore, here are a few important things you should verify anytime you have an AC compressor replacement job completed in Tempe.

4 Tips Before Having Your AC Compressor Replaced in Tempe

#1 – Understand The Role Of The AC Compressor

Before you spend a ton of money to have your entire AC system replaced, you should always verify with the HVAC contractor what is broken. Sometimes a component like an AC compressor is broken and can easily be repaired or replaced if needed.

Here is how these systems work. An AC Compressor is designed to pressurize Freon within your AC system. When gases are compressed, the air gets hot due to the fact that the molecules are close together. This is why the compressed gas enters a radiator-like device (similar to a car’s radiator) that cool this compressed gas. Once the air is cooled to room temperature, the Freon will then enter cooling tubes where the air will circulate thereby cooling the air and entering your home as ‘cooled air’.

#2 – Realize That There Are Several Components To An AC Compressor

Although sometimes the complete AC compressor needs to be replaced, there are times when some of the components simply need to be replaced or serviced. Some of the most common issues that AC compressors have include:

  • Loose belts or hoses that circulate the compressed gas
  • Loose electrical components attached to the compressor
  • Worn out mechanical parts or improper lubrication inside the ac compressor

If you hire a good HVAC contractor, they’ll be able to find out if the entire unit is broken, of if a simple fix can be completed to get your unit back up and running.

#3 – Check With Local Review Websites

Another way to protect you from poor AC compressor replacement jobs in Tempe is to check with online customer review websites. Some sites like offer outstanding, customer-based reviews about all air conditioning repair services completed. The cool thing about in particular is that they separate their reviews by category, location and by service rating. If you live in Tempe and are looking for the highest rated HVAC contractor that completes AC compressor replacement, you’ll find it easily on

#4 – Never Be Afraid To Ask Questions

The more you know the better prepared you’ll be to make smart decisions. This is why our final suggestion to ensure you receive the best AC compressor replacement job completed in Tempe is to ask questions. Ask the repair company about their methods, about their guarantees and about their repair and service policies. When you ask questions, and receive honest and transparent replies, you can feel confident that the company completing your AC compressor replacement job will get the job done right.

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