Central AC Replacement CostIn Arizona, having a fully functioning central air conditioner is important, keeping our families comfortable all year long. Unfortunately, there will come a point when your tried and true air conditioner needs replacing. When replacing any central air conditioner it can be expensive so, many homeowners wonder exactly when they should get a new unit and how much they should pay for it. By looking out for a few tell-tale signs, you will know when it’s time replace your central air conditioner and how to get the best central AC replacement cost possible.

Watch Out for Frequent Repairs

When it comes to certain items, such as a car or a central air conditioner, there is a point where you’re throwing good money after bad, getting diminishing returns for expensive repairs. One of the best ways to tell that you should consider replacing an AC unit is the necessity of frequent repairs. Needing constant, emergency maintenance to stay operational is a good sign that your air conditioner is on its last legs. To avoid extended outage times and uncomfortable temperatures, you should replace your unit before it stops working for good.

Time Your Purchase for Better Pricing

Like everything else in life, deciding to replace your central air conditioner is a matter of timing. You want to get the best unit at the best price, which means buying at the right time. What many homeowners don’t realize is that an AC unit install in Scottsdale is much cheaper when you buy your unit and schedule an installation during the off-season. When the weather is cooler, not many people are buying or using air conditioners, making this a great time to get amazing deals on the cost of a new AC unit, which you aren’t likely to find during any other time of the year.

Your Unit Takes Longer to Cool Your Home

More than any other factor, your air conditioner needs to be efficient. An efficient AC unit will cool your home in a short amount of time and maintain that comfort even when the outside temperatures rise. A big indicator that it might be time to replace your air conditioning unit can be the lengthening in the amount of time it takes your unit to cool your home.

If it seems like it takes much longer than usual for your air conditioner to regulate your home’s temperature, then it usually means your aging system is facing an imminent failure. When your air conditioner starts to have trouble cooling your home, it might be time for a replacement.

Pay Attention to Excess Noise

Ideally, your air conditioner will run quietly in the background, cooling your home without being noticed. However, if you start hearing strange HVAC noises coming from your vents, or from the unit itself, then you should seriously consider getting a new air conditioner.

Noises coming from your unit, such as banging or clanking, often indicate a major malfunction. While these issues can sometimes be repaired, it is usually more cost-effective in the long run to purchase and install a replacement unit.

Get an Affordable Central AC Replacement Cost

After years of reliable service, there will come a time when you’ll need to replace your air conditioner with a new unit. More than any other factor, you’ll want to schedule an installation from a trusted central AC replacement company in Scottsdale. Your air conditioner professional will be able to install your new unit correctly, and at a great price, giving you the peace of mind that you want and deserve.


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