variable speed air conditioners best for scottsdale AZLiving in Arizona during the fall, winter and spring can be very comfortable for virtually anybody. However, in summertime it gets down right hot in the desert. It is at this time that using variable speed air conditioning units can be highly effective in keeping an enclosed space cool – in a highly efficient manner. These units are rather new to the HVAC industry, yet they provide a tremendous amount of beneficial use – especially here in Arizona.


Here are some of the best reasons that anybody living in Arizona should consider using variable speed air conditioning units in their homes, offices or any location.

1) Efficient Use of Electricity

Variable speed air conditioning unit are extremely efficient units that can save Arizona residents money on their monthly electrical bill. Traditionally, variable speed air conditioning units operate at much lower speeds than traditional units and as a result, they use much less energy than traditional units. In fact, typical variable speed units will use 80% less electricity than similar sized constant speed air conditioning units. And when you use air conditioning frequently in the Valley of the Sun, this can significantly reduce your monthly energy usage – which saves money each month.

2) Quiet Units

Another great perk to using a variable speed air conditioning unit is that they are much quieter in operation than constant speed a/c units. There are two reasons for this. First, the variable speed air conditioning units do not turn on and off frequently. This reduces the noise of the unit coming from both the duct work and the fan itself. Second, the fans operate slower which naturally reduces the noise generated from the unit as well. This provides Arizona residents with a quieter living and working environment and a higher quality of life.

3) Keep the Temperature Uniform

One of the best reasons to use variable speed air conditioning units is due to the fact that they maintain the temperature consistently during their use. It also keeps all areas of your home or office in the same temperature zone – which eliminates cold and hot spots in the home and office. This also allows the users to set a temperature that is appropriate for different times of the day – or maintain a consistent temp 24-hour per day if that is your desire.

4) Keep the Air Cleaner

One constant issue that Arizona residents deal with is blowing dust and debris which tends to end up on countertops and any other flat surface in your home. By using variable speed air conditioning units fresh and clean air is constantly circulated through filters and produces much cleaner air. This is especially beneficial for people who live with COPD or other breathing conditions.

Simply put, variable speed air conditioning units offer Arizona home and business owners with several positive attributes, from saving energy consumption to increasing your quality of life. And when you’re trying to stay cool in the summer heat, using these units is a smart choice. If you have more questions about variable speed air conditioning units, contact the team at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling.

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