If you’re like many homeowners in Arcadia, then the tool that you’ve chosen to heat your home is a gas furnace. There are many reasons that homeowners love gas furnaces, including impressive heating power and a high level of energy efficiency. However, there is one important factor of using a gas furnace that many homeowners fail to take into consideration: ventilation.

The combustion process that makes a gas furnace run also produces emissions that must be vented out of your home. Fortunately, there are three great venting solutions that you could choose for your home, meaning you need more information to help decide which is right for you. Read about a few Arcadia gas furnace venting options so you can pick the right heating solution for your home and your family.

Learn About a Natural Vent

The most common form of ventilation is known as a natural vent. Natural vents use convection to vent harmful emissions from your furnace into the air outside of your home. A natural vent system works by using a flue pipe attached to your gas furnace that extends vertically into your roof. Because the emissions created during the combustion process are very warm, they will naturally rise into the flue pipe, up to your roof and out of your home.

However, there are some drawbacks to natural vents that you should be aware of, especially the risk of back-drafting. Because natural venting uses a single b-pipe, it is easy for emissions to be back drafted into your home. Not only does this affect the efficiency of your furnace, it can also pose a risk to your family’s health.

The Benefits of a Direct Vent

If you’re worried about the potential negatives of using a natural venting system with your gas furnace, a better option is to choose a direct vent. Arcadia homeowners love direct vent systems because they eliminate the possibility of back drafting and come with versatile installation options.

A direct vent system uses two pipes, one to bring in air necessary for combustion and a second, smaller pipe that is used for ventilating emissions. In addition to maintaining the integrity of the air in your home, direct vent systems can also be installed both vertically or horizontally, whichever works better for the needs of your home.

What is a Sidewall Power Vent?

If you’re looking for a very affordable option for venting your gas furnace, one of your top considerations should be a sidewall power vent. This venting system combines a traditional sidewall pipe with an exhaust fan to make sure that all of the combustion emissions produced by your furnace will be vented outside of your home.

Many homeowners choose to install a sidewall power vent to replace an older, non-functioning chimney. When you use a sidewall power vent, this system almost always activates before your furnace starts running so that no emissions can escape into your home.

If you need help choosing the right venting solution for your gas furnace, you should consider working with Arcadia gas furnace repair specialists. A quality repair specialist will be able to examine your home and tell you which venting solution will be most effective.


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