Ideally, the furnace in your home will run quietly in the background, regulating the temperature in your home and keeping your family comfortable. Unfortunately, sometimes your furnace will suffer problems that come out of nowhere, causing unforeseen outages and expensive repairs.

If you’re not familiar with common problems your furnace can run into, then it can be hard to detect the warning signs of an emergency repair in your future. Fortunately, if you know what to look out for, you can get your furnace the repairs it needs.

Watch out for these signs that you need emergency heating repair in Arcadia and make sure your heating system doesn’t go out when you need it the most.

Your Heater Only Blows Cold Air

Under normal circumstances, you’ll turn your heater on and immediately feel warm air coming from your vents. However, if you try to turn your heater on and only cold air comes out, it usually means a serious problem with your heating system.

Because there is no one surefire cause for your heating system blowing only cold air, it’s best to consult a professional as soon as you notice the problem. With the cold winter months coming up, having no heat can turn into a very serious situation in a matter of hours, meaning you need to get emergency repairs to make sure your system blows the hot air you need.

Nothing Happens When You Turn Your Heater On

Even more stressful than turning on your heater and having no heat come out is turning on your heater and having nothing happen at all. While this is rare, having your heater not respond at all when you adjust the thermostat is a very serious issue, usually meaning a large problem with the inner workings of your heating system.

If you try to turn your heater on and nothing happens, you should call an emergency furnace repair service right away. A problem of this magnitude usually requires a full inspection, which means you need your technician to get started as soon as possible.

There Are Strange Noises Coming from Your System

We’re all familiar with the sound of our heaters kicking on, signaling that our system is working properly. However, if you notice unusual noises emanating from your heating system, particularly a noisy furnace, this is usually a good sign that something has gone wrong.

Of particular worry are clanking and thudding noises, which usually means one of the major parts of your heating systems is malfunctioning and may soon fail completely. The minute you notice a strange noise coming from your heating system, it’s a good idea to call a repair service to identify the cause of the noise and the potential risk to your system.

Find Emergency Heating Repair in Arcadia

If you experience an unexpected heating outage, it can be a very stressful situation. As the weather turns colder, you want to make sure your heater stays running, even if you need emergency service. When you’re looking for emergency heating repair, you should hire a local Arcadia AZ heating repair company to handle the job.

A trusted local repair company will be able to visit your home in emergency situations and fix whatever is wrong with your heater so that your family stays safe and warm.


Contact the heating experts at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling to repair your heating unit for winter. Email us or call 480-359-7141 now!

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