Over the weekend, many residents in the West Valley area found themselves relying on their air conditioner to keep them cool as a result of the triple digit temperatures. Until now, you may have forgotten the importance of your AC system in your home. During the spring and summer months, your system works day and night to keep your family cool and comfortable. If you had preventative maintenance performed on your system already this year, you may have been pleasantly surprised at your AC performance. If you didn’t, you may have found yourself in need of air conditioning repair. A few months ago we did a post regarding routine AC maintenance services and their benefits. Late last week, Phoenix ABC 15 News did a story on the same subject.

While you were finishing up the workweek, air conditioning companies across the Tempe area were working overtime responding to AC repair and maintenance calls to ensure that residents were prepared for the weekend heat. The ABC 15 News AC repair story detailed the importance of having your unit cleaned and inspected to prevent problems in the peak of the cooling season, as well as in keeping your energy costs as low as possible. When your air conditioning system becomes clogged with accumulated dust and dirt, it is forced to work harder to cool your home to the desired temperature selected on your thermostat. As more energy is used to run the equipment, the higher your electricity bill will ultimately be.

Chances are that this weekend was the first time you have used your air conditioning this year. Unfortunately, many wait until they are in desperate need of cooling functions to discover that their system is not functioning properly. Preventative maintenance is essential in identifying future problem areas and correcting them before your system isn’t working at all. This can also lead to pricey repair costs which could have been prevented with the signing of an affordable maintenance agreement. If this ABC 15 News story on AC repair companies is any evidence, maintenance and overall upkeep of your air conditioning equipment is essential. We never recommend cleaning your system on your own, as this could result in serious damage. Call Scottsdale Air today to schedule AC repair or to ask about our maintenance plans.

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